The system tells me AOK but I’m not getting any sound – nary a sys beep Would it be possible for you to write a sticky? So the full name might be something like snd-via82xx. Here’s some output, enjoy! Hello, Thanks for the informative and interactive guide. I guess everything was functioning it was just that the amplifier was enabled.

I really helped me out for the first time, but now it did not: If you cannot use hear anything, and you have just installed Ubuntu, then it could very possibly be a bug. I have HD Realtek sound card. Hello this question may be so silly or asked many times but I posting it to find the correct answer. Thanks for your input. Now everything is back to normal. They helped me alot there solving an issue http: In my case, I deselected ‘all’ then selected ‘via82xx’.

Hunk 3 succeeded at with fuzz 1 offset 89 lines. Not all tips are serues to work for all hardware believe me hda-intel will probably have like a mini guide of it’s own one day.

However when I run “alsamixer” I get the this: I can hear sound through xmms, totem, vlc, gaim and a few other things, but for everything else there is no sound. Hi, I’ve the same problem as ltv.

on my Kubuntu 6.

Download drivers for LORD ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. I915 Series

Hunk 13 succeeded at offset -1 lines. It is working fine now Looks like that’s what I have to do. They helped me alot there solving an issue http: I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to the writers of this guide. Enabled Now here are some settings from Amarok: Please, do you know how to id conflicts and then get rid of them? I see my sound card and all drivers are okay.


I also have an old SB16 so Lorr liked the look of this but every time I try and follow the ‘gedit’ line then attempt to save i get a message saying I don’t have the rights to save. I have a Revolution 5. Everything is working now. Sound works fine in elecyronics but not in ubuntu. I am using Kubuntu, so there is no way to change the default card the gui way as far as I know.


It’s a life saver. If someone is stuck with those hw and have the same problems let me know and I’ll write down some quick steps to fix’em all. Hunk 4 succeeded at offset 2 lines. Installation went fine, but when I run sudo modprobe snd-ice it just hangs there doing nothing. First, I only have one sound card. P4M Ktd.

Device Flags: Someone please help me. Despite that, I treated as a failure I reinstalled the alsa-sound base etc Thanks for the in-depth thread!

Download Intel i Graphics Driver Beta for Windows XP 64 bit

I have Feisty and a dv series laptop. Hunk 22 succeeded at offset lines. I know its not my earbuds, cause my regular speakers make the noise too. In fact I am in a much worse situation because my video doesn’t work properly I have an ATI and my mouse wheel doesn’t work either.

I forgot to say that only audio files have bad quality – sound in videos is fine. It’s a tiny package, takes maybe five seconds to download. In my case, I deselected ‘all’ then selected ‘via82xx’. I posted my problem elsewhere, but it looks like it should go here.


motherboard Intel 915-478 socket DDR2

Sound worked fine on windows when the computer had dual booting. If I try configure any players to use device 0,1 I get errors about not being able to open sound. Two weeks without sound! I wouldn’t mind about my analog sound being messed up if I could get the digital working They referred me to www. Riptide [Riptide], device 0: The ssries assistant won’t complete the alsa-source install.

Hunk 3 succeeded at offset 27 lines. Do you think you’re just having a problem with your configuration getting the driver to load, or would you suspect your setup is fine, and there’s an issue with the driver module itself? I epectronics have any problem installing totem-xine or any other codecs or medibuntu downloads.

Your post might get lost in all the other posts and you might not get help. Abdul Ahad abdulahadone wrote on If you need more info I will be glad to get for you Thanks jbag.

I will post a text file with everything that appears in the terminal. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my spdif to work? I’ve also tried to load snd-hdaintel my onboard soundcardand it hangs for that one too. I’d really like to get into using Ubuntu more as my main OS, but I9155 can’t get my sound to work.