Legends of Chima — Episode Thank you for providing these links! There are two that have been released in the US or at least that I could find at my local Costco: Although I will not post them here, we can continue discussing them in the comment section. Next to the eraser button Scroll down to “Spoiler” The list is in alphabetical order Enter the spoiler into the large window. Carbo, sure you could review the Simpsons, however I would suggest that you write the article in no more than two sections.

By the time they air August 9th they should be pretty prominent throughout the States. Crocodile Tears Legends of Chima — Episode Cancel reply Leave a Comment. This is for the safety of our community and keeping out the badguys. Well, nothing really new, except Rinona is Rhogons sister, and Lavertus was buried with an orb of Golden Chi, so he might still be alive. I have all of the new outland minifigures, and they are all excellent with amazing detail.

Into the Outlands Legends of Chima — Episode Prev 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Next Page 24 of It is not that I lost interest in the TV show, it just became a real chore trying to find uploaded copies. Lego slipped these little beauties under our noses. During the battle, Lavertus presumably dies while using his Golden CHI to allow the others to escape. Market Day Legends of Chima — Episode epixode Subscribe to Comments Feed.


When I watch the episodes I use Firefox with the AdBlock Plus plugin turned on which will block pretty much everything. It may take a couple of days until the latest legenfs shows up after it airs on Cartoon Network, but other than that both websites are great at having all the episodes available.

Oh, and off topic, but will anyone want me to review the Simpsons series? Posted July 6, Benny Vio on youtube has uploaded episodes 21 22 and 25 in three different parts.

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Nice to have you over! Posted April 19, Chima never fails getting better Reply. And due to the limit of only five pieces of media per post, and flavkr new feature here on Eurobricks that combines all multi-posts that will be a drag for posting again after a long period of time Posted April 27, I click these links in trepidation, though.

Legends of Chima flavir Episode Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I don’t want to wait that long to see them in English! Laval temporarily becomes king at the end of one of the episodes. Are you referring to ShadoWind?

There also seems to be a consistency issue from the first season. Chima never fails getting better. Last episode he was gone, but his remains aren’t there, he lives! Leave this field empty. I mean Lagravis recently in story mentioned that Lavertus was his brother in one of the later Season 1 episodes so how could he have forgotten so fast? In episode 33, Eris has another vision. I love those tigers 266 Cancel reply Leave a Comment.


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In episode 31, Liella is introduced. This is a good site to see the episodes http: One thing that I never understood was fllavor Laval forgot that Lavertus was his Uncle. It’s interesting how Cominus was the one who first used persuader plants to manipulate Lavertus. Next to the eraser button Scroll down to “Spoiler” The list is in alphabetical order Enter the spoiler into the large window.