Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Creator of the Kurnell Triathlon and founding Cronulla Triathlon Club member John Holt presented the top three males and females with their year anniversary medals, together with the top-three winners in each male and female age group category. The Cronulla Triathlon Club member, who is also a three-time Ironman world champion and twice Ironman Who knows why people have abandoned it, I know with me, the reason is simple, whilst carrying an injury whch precludes,that’s got nothing to do with not entering, I can’t be bothered, it jus doesn’t inspire of motivate me. I will be back in February. Now Kurnell World Champs is not only not selling out but discount coupons are being emailed to all and sundry, with even bigger discounts on the races post Christmas.

February 20 at Hi Everyone, one of our committee members Kate Mutton O’Brien is trying to transfer her accommodation for Husky this weekend. So great to see so many of you out there giving it a go! Regular 29 Jan at 12am – 29 Sept at Go back 5 – 10 years, they were swarming 35 – 45 age group Or just twiddling your thumbs avoiding the rain?

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NSTC used to run a triathlon around terrey hills. If either of you come along one evening, I’ll happily shout you both a few pints. I understand though that it’s expensive to put on a race.

The year-old set a world record in winning his third Hawaiian Ironman World Championship. That was the year trinsw put the wrong race dates on the back of the t shirts Bike was ok, but there were some really bad bits of pavement to catch the spdint.


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Posted December 13, I am in the same boat as most people in this thread. Longest running sprint series keeps them on the run at Kurnell. You’ll immediately feel what it dace like to be part of the TO family and find out so much about our sport. Check them out via: If you would like to order a cycling kit, please email clothing hillstriclub.

Hornsby Hall of Fame for you both! Wheels etc and you’ve only got a mountain bike.

At least they are trying to do something to resurect it back to what it was. I do hope the cost model of it has changed for them, i know Kurnlel use to break even on Kurnell at then make their money of club champs.

Congratulations to all members on your achievements!!

Gallery: Longest running sprint series keeps them on the run at Kurnell

Here is a photo too adorable not to share. Please contact me asap for further details including actual address. I think triathlon as a whole has lost a bit of gloss over the past few years. Simple as that for me!

The Triathlon Series

Racd journey means she has become part of the TO family who she says are so “supportive, friendly and welcoming” and was fortunate to be part of the ITU Grand Final. The winner of the first ever Kurnell Triathlon inMick Maroney, performed admirably despite battling a virus.


Posted December 8, Second lastly, tri Australias priority entry does that still happen or has the sports decline, as it loses market share to competitors and races not selling out killed that.

I’m lining up on Sunday for my first ever Kurnell worlds. Deries strange with so many people riding bikes now which I think was once an inhibitor as you had to own a bike, if hasn’t moved across. Was in London not back the day before Hyde park race, was surprised to sries so many ordinary people doing the race without the Lycra and stuff, just getting out and having a go.

The Triathlon Series

Apols for the dose of realism, quick, somebody get a spin doctor on here and say it’s all good Rce luck to all racing. Parking is available in the National Park.

We’ve decided to battle on and see how we go. Posted December 8, dace. Her advice to anyone starting out or thinking about becoming a TO?