The Series 2 has one end of the “U” bent to make it easier to use the “bent foot” is placed into the shackle first, then is used as leverage to secure the other side. This makes it a very secure lock. Despite locking the bike correctly the lock was broken open and the bike stolen within a week. The bigger bolt cutters will be able to cut through the shackle. It’s our favorite U-lock for ease of use, with a bent-foot design that makes locking up a breeze. And fourthly, it is difficult to get the lock on and off the mount. The bolt cutters worked better than the shears. You could even do away with the quick release tire skewers to further deter the opportunist thief.

Online they take weeks to answer and the reimbursement I was given was a rewards card , not actual money ,check, or debit. In order to secure the shackle to the crossbar, you need to first hook the bent foot into correct hole in the crossbar. This model is more lightweight and easier to transport than competing budget U-locks. However there is no after sales customer service at all with this lock. If you register for this program and your bike is stolen as a result of your lock being broken, Kryptonite will pay you the lesser amount of either a the cost of your bike or b your insurance deductible. Bike tourers that plan on touring through cities would also do well to have one of these in their panniers, especially with the added security of the cable to loop through your belongings. However if you are able to provide everything they ask for then Kryptonite do pay out.

Locking up with a cable and U-lock combo achieves that. My advice is to treat with caution they are not as strong as the name suggests and so far customer service is non existant.

KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7 w/4′ Flex

It often brushed against our legs and impeded pedaling when moving fast. The ability to lock up all removable parts of your bike is important in a variety of situations.

First of all you need to register for this program within 15 days of purchasing the lock. And the frame mount may be a little bit better. We liked this style’s usability better than the dual locking mechanism of the OnGuard Bulldog. And see how it compares to loads of other U-locks. Part of theft deterrence is making your bike appear tougher and more time consuming to steal. These things happen so I emailed Kryptonite with photos of the twisted and burst lock in situ.


Iryptolok Best Buy award-winner received a Silver ranking from Sold Secure, an independent security testing organization that ranks approved products in Bronze, Silver and Gold categories.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Review | The Best Bike Lock

And it also has a very robust and popular frame mount. Despite locking the bike correctly the lock was broken open and the bike stolen within a week. But for lower risk areas, more modest bikes and short stops it should offer more than enough protection.

Kryptonite includes an Allen wrench kryptoloo installation and removal of the mount, which takes less than a minute on nearly any round frame. This mid-security Seeies is a perfect fit for a daytime college town lock up or for an overnight in rural areas. Firstly, it is difficult to attach to the bike frame. It’s our favorite U-lock for ease of use, with a bent-foot design that makes locking up a breeze. In practice the biggest problem for many people seems to be the requirement that you provide the broken lock.

The mounting bracket was also easy to install. It will loosen over time. The bolt cutters worked better than the shears. Therefore, we deem Kryptonite ‘s bent foot technology as an innovative touch that boosted the ease of use rating. One week later they have not even bothered to reply. It earned our Best Buy award for combining usability, transportability, and giving users the option of locking up their entire bikeā€¦all at an entry-level price.

Spend the money once, make it a habit to lock your bike all the time, and keep your bike and bike lock yours.

While this might seem an extra complication, in fact, the foot once hooked in, prevents that end of the shackle from slipping out, making the it much easier to finish locking the device. Whether Kryptonite or any other brand.

KryptoLok series 2 Standard

We say sign up for the offer and ride around feeling like you own a secure, smart, and classic bike lock. Different bike racks or lock up scenarios require a thief to cut the U-lock twice.


I recently bough a Kryponite lock for my daughter at University in London. This versatile and affordable lock comes with a high recommendation from our bike lock experts. The bigger bolt cutters will be able to cut through the shackle.

And how am I meant to carry it about? The Cocoweb Armbar is a relatively new, budget priced U-lock.

While the cable can be connected to the U-lock and mounted, because it is non-coiled, it often came loose. No replacement keys, no anti-theft protection, nothing.

While this is obviously very bad, the good news is that should it happen to you, if you send Kryptonite the lock, the keys and any bill you incur when tset the lock, then they will replace the lock and refund the locksmith bill!

Now, I was using it on a reasonably smooth commute. You might be wondering how U-locks could be separated into different categories since they are all pretty solid. Failure to complete any of these steps will invalidate your claim.

Especially with Kryptonite ‘s bicycle protection offer, you can’t go wrong here. All in all, the Kryptolok is a mid-security lock.

Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard U-Lock Review

If you clean and lubricate you lock regularly and make sure you fully insert your key before you turn it, this problem can usually be avoided. If you are buying your first bike lock, we strongly encourage investing in a U-Lock as the lock that will serve you regardless of where you go. All I can say is: There are generally four yest about this bracketā€¦. When comparing this piece to the OnGuard Bulldog DTthe style of the OnGuard bracket was easier to mount and take off your lock, but it wasn’t streamlined with the bike frame.

And for me, the security boost more than makes up for the extra weight and the price difference. But a decent frame mount would be better.