This has some really incredible production values for a Fan-Made Movie! Pretty cool dude very good fan edit. What movie is that? Actually a Justice Leage movie is beign planned for I’m totally agree with you. Please go Kickstarter got this from the show.. I can’t imagine that your budget exceeded 3 figures and still, this trailer was fucking awesome!

However this one is so good, I had to watch it. I will pay for his work. Kate isn’t playing Wonder Woman. Fan made and fake are one in the same thing. It’s obviously ffake when man of steel is coming out next month. Zach Braff from scrub is backing good Ideas..

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But its a GOOD fake Fake doomsday looks like hulk photoshoped. Yeah, we all know them.

Haha a dirty dumb Russian from a horrible, broke, ugly country who things they have heroes!! I never said I didn’t like it there spanky. Ok this not a real movie thing but I would love the villanelle to be doomsday. They are looking into scripts now.

Je vous remercie beaucoup! Very good editing job! I like her as Wonder Woman. Warner bros needs to watch this. Wow this is actually great editing. I am sorry for that. This has some really incredible production values for a Fan-Made Movie! Si vous pouviez aller couter mes musiques sa me fera normment plaisir et surtout a ne prend que 5 min. Kate isn’t playing Wonder Woman. Its just silly how DC exaggerates Batman’s abilities. It was very very good. That was very well edited.


Fake, meaning there’s no such thing as a monster named doomsday or an alien from krypton that can fly and shoot heat from his eyes??? However this one is so good, I had to watch it. You should be appreciating this video, not everyone can make like this. Not even the fact because I like the characters so cilm, its more that they deserve their own movie franchises to develop their characters and be on the avengers level of movies.

Who would make a fake trailer but a fan? I will pay for his work.

Superman Doomsday Trailer #6 – “Final Hour” (Fan Edit) смотреть фильмы онлайн бесплатно супермен 5

Zach Braff from scrub is backing good Ideas. I ment gods umung us.

This is amazing work. You sound like you need a hug from indkski. Alors sa doit tre le mes commentaires que vous voyez dans ce genre mais Svp.

Would someone who knows nothing about it make a fake trailer? Sounds fine with me. Dude, dont listen to bunch of retards who talk shit day and night. This is pretty good!

Antonym for rudiment

Robin and teen titans come along wich will haveRobin, beast boy, cyborg, raven, starfire, kid flash, superboysupergirl, and iomandos but not least speedy. I love the Street Fighter Fan made movie its much better than the old film but its Unofficial.


I would actually love to see the death of superman made into a movie, and the aftermath with the four new superman. Most if not all of you right now watching this are deceived by the Father of All Lies,he is re-birthing old legends of the fallen angels that left there domain,Joel and you are turning to them like flies to Honey,and not”listening to sound doctrine for you are gathering yourself what your etching ears want to hear”2 Tim 4 and are being sent a strong delusion 2 Thessalonians 2 because you do not want to believe the truth and want to worship the creation rather than the creator Romans 1.

Wow tht is impressive It even says fan edit The Trinity film we should get. No me leve a mal mas no ponha junto batman e SuperMan; batman, nunca omline ser comparado ao homem de AO.