It is not that… What if someone sees? Dorim counters with a question of her own — why is Seolnan hiding the fact that she is the real SBH? Myongnong travels to Kimun to meet with Sunimun. Solhi and Solnan get lost in the forest and are found by two men. Myongnong finds out that Solnan’s mission is to win Sunimun’s heart. You helped Chancellor Yon and Jinmu frame one of our finest.

The Field Marshal takes the throne as the next king of Paekche. At first Seolnan refuses to do so. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Myongnong returns to the Palace and meets with Sunimun. The Band members are now free to retreat from Kimun and return to Paekche. Let all of nature send me to hell. Seolnan has the choice of loving the Crown Prince from afar, or running away again if things become too tough for her. Solhi decides to leave the prince and return to her home town to her father.

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It seems that my passion for this drama has dropped. Solhi and Solnan get lost in the forest and are found by two men. Chaehwa kin to a village with Kuchon where she gives birth to the Field Marshal’s child. Yo Uk thought she saw someone that looked just like Solhi and tells Solnan. The seer predicts a grave future if the fraud continues to stay in the palace. The Field Marshal epixode the throne as the next king of Paekche.


She slips but the Crown Prince catches her before she falls down. Taking advantage of a sweet young thing…. Why her being near you upset her so. Looking for some answers, Solhi goes to Dsughter Jinmu and asks him to tell her the relationship between Koguryo and Paekche. Kuchon sneaks into the palace to kill the King.

And bears the Centennial Fragrance on her shoulder.

Yon tells him not to do anything foolish, that he has a plan and he will take care of everything. Kign are commenting using your Facebook account.

I will tell them the truth. The Queen punishes Solhi for not visiting her every morning. The Koguryo has attacked Fort Daughtrr. King does not answer. So the man on the floor is definitely not him. Seolnan does not answer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sunimun sends his reply to the Paekche King’s message. The King confronts Jinmu after confirming he was behind Chaehwa’s death.

So hard to give him up.

The prince accepts her offer and decides to meet “beautiful” woman. Why Puyon went to Kalim.


The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang Episode 98

The King still desperately waits for Chaehwa to come. Solhi establishes her power and position as Princess at the embroidery event. We found out recently that the director has been using black reflectors as opposed to white reflectors on the Crown Prince.

Solnan finally captures her mother’s killer with the help of the prince and The Band members. You are commenting ming your WordPress.

Prince Myungnong tries to find Koguryo spies that have infiltrated the border. Solhi threatens Solnan that she will tell the truth to Myongnong. Why did you push me away? I can understand the part where Seolnan wants to continue loving the Crown Prince.

Why Puyon interfered in Kimun. This post was originally published on March 4, while the drama was still airing in South Korea. Jinmu gets stabbed by Solhi with a poisoned sword but manages to survive with the King’s blood.