Still, she handled the situation beautifully and was not swayed by his full-blown sad puppy expressions. Can the next 4 weeks just fly by already???? Plus does anyone’s brain work normally when that dimple gets flashed? Stand down mushroom hair image! The king takes his first step toward reconciliation, but considering the miles and political landmines that stand between them, that first step is long long way to go. While Bong Goo is shoe-horned into each episode in a clunky way, I finally realized why he was created this way.

I love how neither Jae Ha nor Hang Ah are puppets to be manipulated by their own countries, despite being estranged at this time. Jae Ha has taken the first step literally and figuratively , and his balls-to-the-walls walk across the DMZ line gave me the shivers it was so awesome. Yes, that’s our Jae Ha. She walks down the street and gets stopped by two officers, and then a general arrives to greet her. Also love the analysis. Hang Ah really impressed me with her inner strength, grieving in her own way for the loss of her baby and the loss of her love for a man who has hurt and disappointed her.

Yum Dong Hun Supporting Cast.

Excited for the action-packed ep Meanwhile, proceeding as planned in North Korea, JaeHa and foreign journalists head to Kaeson Youth Park while guided by officials… source: A USB with a video of him apologizing? Shi Kyung with a gun? Jae-ha arrives and Dad is outside waiting. Here love really is war. Episode 11 finds Jae Ha headed into enemy territory, not just heartts but emotionally.

It could be a whole circle.

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My first reaction to this episode was a smile I couldn’t supress everytime Shi Kyung was on the screen especially with fpisode princess. I had an epiphany today while driving to work. Lee Soon Jae Supporting Cast. He deserves to grovel some more! But you know me—I like my life and heafts stuff. What the hell, lady? Have not watched this epi yet so I am only having wishful thoughts. But seeing the previews makes me think we are gonna get stuck with the cliffhanger from hell Plus does anyone’s brain work normally when that dimple gets flashed?


You were part of a cameo in this episode!? It just pulls me in.

I was so happy that there was more screen time for them. Did not see that will have to watch it again. Perhaps there are more traditional drama viewers in SK, and this drama is not just an ordinary one.

Argh been refreshing this page for like ages!!

Didn’t she say that he’s fooled her on multiple occasions etc One of them is drsmaload TK2H too. He was smiling shyly and then he looked crushed. It just makes me proud that Jae Ha is doing this not for political reasons, but simply because he is a man that wants to make amends with the woman he loves.

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A ring with a diamond in the shape of a heart with a note professing his undying love and wish to marry her. Jae-ha sees the guns and proceeds anyway. Very realistic on HA’s part and kudos to JH for keeping his mouth shut and taking it all in without trying to redeem himself too quickly. Jae Ha has given Hang Ah a present of skin care products that he personally prepared, with each of the bottles having a custom label.

Yes, that’s our Jae Ha. I love how he knows Jae Ha so well — like his bro intuition kicks in. If they shoot, it means all-out war with South Korea.

The King 2 Hearts

Jae-shin throws up an interesting pattern, since her last panic attack was mild and triggered nausea—a clue? This drama is pacedexecuted,and written in such way that you just keep on wanting more every week and never get bored watching it. Both Hang Ah and the baby have been hurt by him. Yes, that ‘my destiny’ bit was giggle-worthy and giggle I did! Thank you so much. Watch ‘ The King 2 Hearts ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. She just portrayed the mixed emotions of Kim Hang Ah really well.


Their chemistry is great and those few seconds when he held her and they stared at each other Shi-kyung and Jae-shin are so cute!

TV The King 2 Hearts. His character is definitely a methaphor of everything that is communist. I can think of a lot of things to put in there TK2H is one of well writen kdramas out there!! Oof, serves you right, bad Jae Ha.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 11 Recap

I think that is why I watch this several times, each episode. It seems that more and more people are falling for Earnest Bot and it helps that he is not the traditional second heagts – the third person in the triangle; making you choose between the main guy and the second lead.

He asks if preparations are in place, and the man asks who the target is. If she was, then he might as well beat her to death. He really should have been on his hesrts but I understand that he’s a king with lots of pride and really can’t see him kneeling to anyone.