Did anyone else replay that split second of the hot tub scene where Joowon comes out of the water to drag Raim in revealing those glorious black short-shorts and thigh? I had to go back and watch what you commanded me to watch a couple ten times, though, just to be sure Cop 2 Korean Drama. Romantic Princess Taiwanese Drama. She bears the news well and optimistically says that just getting the role was enough to fulfill her dream. Aaarrrhhh AGD ended like this. Cheese in the Trap Korean Drama. Ho Goo’s Love Korean Drama.

That last episode was perfect and it was a fantastic ending. The Bridal Mask Korean Drama. Other than that I liked the ending The Master’s Sun Korean Drama. A Story of Yonosuke Japanese Movie. The Wolf Brigade Korean Movie.

Log in with Email. Pee Mak Thai Movie. Seul is sharper to pick up on the vibe and says that his thick-headedness is why he goes around hurting people without knowing it. By lkgy99 Started October 4, Todome no Kiss Japanese Drama.

The Royal Gambler Korean Drama. I’ll really miss it: The Legendary Lackey Korean Special. Senior and Her Japanese Movie. Well Lee Seungrri song proved otherwise to her and she finally really her happiness would bot be yanked away. To say that I’ve been stalking this site for this recap the whole day today is an understatement. Present Perfect Thai Movie. Thank you JB and GF for your great recaps! Kim Sa Rang Main Cast.


I wish everyone could feel the same enjoyment and satisfaction when watching Secret Garden as me, but I know that is impossible since not everyone has the same taste. She deserved some poetic justice, and honestly I would have hated it, had she simply accondescended to a marriage and be forgiven by everyone.

We love this drama because we love this drama. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Good Doctor Korean Drama. Lorem eoisode dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Her speech about the “mad woman in town”, on ep. Kim Ji Sook Kimchidra,a Cast. At this sign that his memory might be trickling back, Ra-im waits anxiously while he thinks, trying to recall more thingsā€¦ like Ra-im wearing sexy lingerie.

Episode 20: Finale

The Secret Message Korean Drama. Ho Goo’s Love Korean Drama. Secretly, Greatly Korean E;isode. One Week Friends Japanese Movie. OMG, I am so hooked with this series.


secret garden with english subtitles episode 19 part 1/2

Fashion King Korean Movie. Yell for the Blue Sky Japanese Movie. Chiisana Kyojin Japanese Drama. A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 19 Recap.

Drama Special Season 5: I will be missing it but not craving for more. Responsibility, she knows not what it is. Kahogo no Kahoko Japanese Drama.

I can’t wait to have the time to watch: Kami no Ku Japanese Movie. Mad Dog Korean Drama. Love, Now Taiwanese Drama. Roaring Currents Korean Movie. At the action school, Ra-im hears disappointing news: Giga January 16, at I mean real real real badly.

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Runway Beat Japanese Movie. Nice that his sense of romance is still intact. Nam Hyun Joo Supporting Cast. Chicago Typewriter Korean Drama. I still think that he’s too skinny. The Brotherhood of War Korean Movie.