Mamang wondered why Clara did not care about Alvira being taken by his father – Gary. Mara Del Valle Kathryn Bernardo heard them talking and with this Mara wanted to go back to where she wants to. With Mara’s condition, will she ever be okay again? Alvira then wondered on who is capable of doing this to Amante and Gary comes to his mind. At the police station, a lady asks a police officer to help her find he daughter. Christian is happy to know that Mara is greatful to what he have done towards her. So they have decided to give them another exam to test if they really are not cheating.

Clara then tells his father – Gary not to bother the Del Valle anymore since they have all the wealth already and they don’t need them anymore. About Me Ocean Blue View my complete profile. When Gary fell asleep because he got drunk, Susan grabs this opportunity and finally went to where she must meet Mara. Alvira apologizes to Amante with all the hurtful things that she have done to him. With the sudden change and immoral acts of Clara, nobody can control and discipline her. Alvira volunteered to look after Amante for the night because they also have a lot of things to talk to. With the new things they are facing right now, Clara is not coping up with her wealthy life before. Gary also tells Lupe that the next step he is going to do is to ask Alvira to marry him and soon they are going to stay in one roof.

Ruang nama Halaman Pembicaraan. Thank you so much Scott. Clara David Julia Montes went to see Mara and insulted her being such a flirt where two guys are after her. Amante is not convinced that Gary is already dead until he can see Gary’s dead body.

Suddenly Mara arrived together with the police officers and capture Gary from hurting Mara. Gary then tells Alvira how happy they are in the past with their relationship. There they knew that both Fiom and Clara wanted their life they used to have. Robert mengajak Menaldi dan Arika tinggal di rumah mereka.

Without a choice, Clara went home with Susan and at home Susan disciplined her. Mara told Clara that she is going to get help first before she will untie Clara. When Amante was not around, Alvira was worried on where he went. As much as Mara wants to see her parents, it is still not safe for her to see them.


Mara wants Lupe to witness against her only son – Gary so that finally he will be put to jail.

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Mamang is not going to trust Gary because she knew that Gary is the worst man ever. Clara saw Christian that was hurt a lot and brought him to the clinic.

Christian is happy to know that Mara is greatful to what he have done towards her. Get Full Access Now. Will they also know that Clara is helping her father – Gary? Mara thanked Carlo David for being a father to her when Gary David was still imprisoned.

While Gary’s boss knows that their enemy which is Carlo is the brother of Gary and will not stop until he will be dead. Mara and Christian are very happy with the blessings from Mara’s parents. Instellever – Indah F. Take a similar household with Dissociative Identity Disorder and taysng Bride of police officers who influenced the case.

Mara tried calling her father – Amante telling him that she is now with her mother – Alvira and they are currently in Rizal. Susan tells Gary not to hurt her anymore because tayanf is pregnant and hence Gary did not listen to Susan, Tayanh Nathaniel stopped Gary.

Clara then insulted Mara for being there where she is yayang happy seeing her. And as for Mara, when they met at fi,m with Clara, she told her that once she is going to hurt her again then she will fight back. Julstelle It’s my birthday today here in the Philippines!!! Tanpa sengaja Ezy mendengar pembicaraan mereka, Ezy marah dan tak rela Salwa direnggut darinya. Arika berjanji, mulai hari ini dia akan membenci Kevin selamanya.

Since Alvira needs to see the man she tasked to look for Nenita’s Jamilla Obispo house, she asked Gary to go home. Showing sample data julei Twitter. Dari sinopsis sinetron Demi Cinta, terlihat banyak kemiripan dengan drama Endless Love.

Gary is pissed with Clara’s news knowing that he is not going to have another chance seeing Alvira Del Valle Dimples Romana anymore.

So Cristina and Amante got a chance talking in the phone where Cristina wanted to see him and reveal to Amante on who is behind burning his house. Beauty in the Bus FTV: Successful dah finally Alvira is back with him and is having feelings towards him. Knowing that Clara is not that wealthy anymore, her friends specially Desiree Francisco Kiray Celis tried to buy her some food. Mayor Gonzales is shocked with Susan’s apology since there is nothing realy serious that has happened to Derrick.


It is confirmed that Utoy is Christian and it is him who tried to save her. Amante was very pissed with Gary and tried to punch him but his attorney and Alvira stopped him.

Clara is ashamed that Mara is still good at her even thou she had done so many bad things to Mara and the Del Valle family. The next day, Gary is ready to go to the court hearing and face the Del Valle family again.

Everything is prepared for Mara’s van and everybody must prepare to say their goodbye. Beautiful job well done. Gary is so pissed seeing Mara who is taywng trying to ave Alvira.

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Sebagai seorang ayah, sikapnya sangat bijaksana, sangat baik, ramah dan perhatian dengan keluarganya. As for Alvira, she is doing her best to spy on Gary but not letting him know. Love Tahang FTV: Apalagi ayahnya terbaring sakit di rumah sakit sehingga menghabiskan semua uang tabungan mereka. Mara failed to stop Christian from going home and failed to tell Christian how much she loves him.

And how will the Del Valle family find a way to produce such a big amount of money? Their work with words, not found the gangster classic film kabar film site powered by FatFish Design Disclaimer Please read cant even war.

Alvira feared that Gary is going to do something stupid again so that he can just get near to Alvira. Many police officers are in their house looking for her and Amante is also there. Clara’s surgical operation was successful and thanks to Gary who juoie his blood for her. Selalu mendukung usaha Arika dalam mendekati Kevin, dan tentunya juga teman yang dapat selalu membantu Arika disetiap kesulitannya.