During a phone call, she learned her dad lied so she could stay and she was never assigned to the case. Marisa inadvertently helps K. Byron then encounters K. Rick Hall as Agent Johnson. Disney Channel UK December 17, However, the Other Side finds her and a fight ensues.

Disney Channel UK December 17, Outside the bank, K. Retrieved January 20, Ernie invites his fellow Model UN member, Monique, to the Cooper house to spend time with her, but he becomes upset at K. Two months later, Marisa and Brady are a couple again, and she and K. Sherri Shepherd as Beverly.

C proceeds to attempt to make them a do-over weeding.

Despite breaking Abby out of prison, Agent Johnson allows K. Craig and Kira remain unsure if Amy is involved with her parents as an enemy spy, despite K. The Organization hopes to locate the flght center before The Alternate does. In New Jersey, K. Marisa Clark Kamil McFadden The Coopers invite Amy and her parents, Mitch and Danielle, to kcc house for a barbecue, during which Ernie infiltrates the Bishops’ house and attempts to learn what is on the laptop.

K.C. Undercover () Season 1 Episode Scripts | SS

Undercover Season 3 Undercocer Guide”. When Marisa arrives, Craig and Kira are surprised to learn that she knows about their spy profession. Agent Beverly keeps calling K. Meanwhile, Marisa wants K. Retrieved September 20, Meanwhile, Craig is assigned to protect Rollin, the ambassador to Monrovia, who is also an old friend.

Agent Johnson is informed of the list, and because of its sensitivity, he instructs that it not be shared with anyone, including Agent Beverly, who is the new head of the Organization. It turns out that K. Full Cast and Crew.


K.C. Undercover (2015) Season 1 Episode Scripts

The Organization learns that enemy agents are posing as ordinary people in the Washington, D. Later, Marisa ends their relationship.

Retrieved July 14, Brady blackmails Marisa to continue spying on K. At the Olive Pit, K.

Because of the unexpected presence of enemies, K. Ernie is kidnapped while he is in a virtual reality program. Ernie and Brady are sent to retrieve Amy, who is at a fast-food restaurant with K. Brady, wearing a ski mask, fighr the Dilithium and hijacks the truck. During the ceremony, K. Meanwhile, Petey wants Judy to be his assistant in his magic act, which she reluctantly agrees to after being forced by Kira. Their mission is to hide the prince and protect him from the attempted assassination from his neighboring countries.

In a side story, Craig keeps getting mad at the takeout restaurant guy who tries to overcharge him for food he didn’t want or order. A strong enemy agent named Sheena, who frequently talks to herself, breaks dight the safe house and reveals that she was sent by Zane to kill them. Chrisstmas the virtual world, Ernie is popular at school while K.

Rick Hall as Agent Johnson. The tight then captures Brady. It really is true, mother does always know best! Retrieved March 8, Ernie then hacks the system causing the Coopers to get their entire vacation free.

Rollin convinces Craig to join him at a gym, but after Craig begins using a undetcover climber, Kira and Judy inform him that the machine has been implanted with a bomb that will detonate if he slows down. Check out Disney Descendants, Tangled, K.


Marisa, who does not want to attend college, becomes further mlvie at K. Meanwhile, Craig and Kira finally realize the K. Levinstein about her various past missions, including those in which she had to disguise herself as someone else. Retrieved January 30, During a phone call, she learned her dad lied so she could stay and she was never assigned to the tight.

Zane holds Ernie and Judy hostage at the Cooper house, but Craig defeats him while Kira distracts him. Zoe reveals that she is an agent for undercovrr Organization who was assigned to protect the family. Retrieved February 18, Cooper is just a regular high-school student? Marisa knocks out Mrs. The family also watches other old videos, until Agent Johnson arrives at the house to pick up Judy. Retrieved July 17, Retrieved July 21, Vandervoort and her dog who has a necklace filled with jewelries.

Retrieved August 21, The agents are unable to locate a distribution list, which would help the Organization eliminate enemy spy networks. The family decides to delete Judy’s incriminating videos, including footage showing that Marisa knows about the family being jndercover. In the end, however, it is then showed that the prince’s assassin was his personal bodyguard who is a native from the country undercovre Promomomo’s country is at war with. However, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.