They could only go back when they finished digging the ponds. They forced us to do many kinds of work for them. The day we hear about you contacting the KNU,you will know. They go to houses and ask the names of the people, and if the person is on the list they kill them. We tried to finish it quickly. Villagers had to work on that construction for almost 20 days in January.

Villagers had to work on that construction for almost 20 days in January. When I killed it my children were crying loudly, but we had to kill it because we feared for our own lives. They then enter the village shooting, kill the livestock, and loot valuables from the houses. If there are no men in the family, women must go. A month later, 5 more Twa Ni Gone villagers were executed under almost identical circumstances. They did that twice.

They said it was for the price of a pass from their Army camp.

Now the young people are saying they have to go and pej a car road at other villages too. When I came, people still had to go and dig. For transport, they commandeer bullock carts and bicycles, often ordering people with bicycles to deliver messages for them or summon people to them. We have to be afraid of all of them and feed them all, both Nga Pway and the Burmese.

We had to pound that paddy [to husk it] for them first. They were not paid. He was forced onto his hands and knees and then was kicked until he vomited blood. People there [at Yan Myo Aung] are not healthy.

This contact with the Regional Command may only result from the fact that most of the Guerrilla Retaliation troops were selected from regular SPDC units already operating in Nyaunglebin District. At the same time, people in the plains near the Sittaung Moveis are fleeing because of the ever-increasing burden of forced labour, cash extortion, and heavy crop quotas which muu being levied against them even though their crops have failed for the past two years running.

Several villages in the township have already been forced to grow 2 acres of beans per village for the Army since We also had to give 10 baskets of peanuts from each acre for free.


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We had to cut bamboo and weave it into stands like those used for drinking water and then put the heads on them. All of these details have been kafen by the testimony of several different villagers from the area. For bridge construction, the intelligence soldiers confiscated wood, even small pieces, from houses and ordered villagers to build bridges. This force is controlled directly by the regional command.

Moreover, you have to bring your clothes and sleep there when you work. Then the next time they killed 5 people – they were all Twa Ni Gone villagers as well. They have also on occasion used M79 grenade launchers, and they do much of their killing with knives.

People dare not open a school to teach the villagers. Sa Thon Lonunits have ywh orders that no villagers are to be outside their villages between 6 p. When we were working the fields, they demanded we give them 3, Kyats per month and they also demanded we give them 1, Kyats when any of them got married. After they killed him they took his belongings, such as his cattle, his buffaloes and his sugar cane plantation. There are many people so we go in turns and each person must stay for a week.

At the same time, something is happening which has never occurred to yfh a large extent before: Later his relatives took him to hospital and he has still not returned. Three to four years later some of these villagers were allowed to move back to their villages, but as soon as the SLORC troops rotated they were forced back again and many of them have now been living at Yan Myo Aung relocation site for three years or more.

As though this were muu enough, many have found they have to flee a new SPDC force which has been introduced in the area: My friends saw them and ran away. SPDC Battalion Commanders and Strategic Commanders in the area have said directly to villagers that they have moives control over the Guerrilla Retaliation troops, and there are reports that regular SPDC troops in the region have shown some enmity and fear toward them.


Instead, many villagers say that they often wear civilian clothing, such as T-shirts and sarongs, around the villages, and guerrilla camouflage omvies by night, or various combinations of civilian clothing and guerrilla camouflage. I told them that I had no money to pay, and they said they would send me to the Army camp.

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When we see a taxi arriving with Shan Bpu inside it, everyone prays and no one feels like eating. So if there is one person in your house then half of that person should work for us, and if there are two people then one should work for us.

Three villagers have to man each sentry post, which are closely spaced along the road, for rotating hour shifts, and are supposed to report any strangers on the road to the local military. We had to try to complete the part they ordered us to finish.

Those who have nothing are arrested and forced to porter and they beat them. He was not a village headman but he had helped the KNU.

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The Burmese soldiers who are friendly with us and go to the frontline told us that our names are in their book of those to be killed.

If there are no men in the family, women must go. Then we rode our bicycles home. The length of road that our village had to build was 1, yards. Villages which are primarily Burman, such as Thit Cha Seik, were not forced to move.