The prosecution has requested the death penalty for the defendant. I have three matches left. This is all what I know. I have always thought of this possibility, but I did not want to accept it. Pretend I didn’t ask. Really, the matter is closed, believe me.

We are sure of this. You measure and calculate when you set a plan; Why can you not predict the results? Instead of bending myself to this oppression and with all this little justice, I have to decide by myself. This is for sure. The show includes mostly ramp walks by models. We said that the direction of this flow was wrong, and we rowed against it insistently.

We are not standing with our hands folded A person does not think of doing something like this for no reason. The accused has said that he is not guilty, and has requested his acquittal. Okay he found out you were escaping, but I swear he has no knowledge of anything else. I am scared Mahir. His son was sick, that is why he couldn’t come to the job. My trust in you is without limits.

I don’t know my dear, a place where they hid things, some corner of some sort. Melih bey personally came to the judge from the Supreme Court and told him about your relationship with Mahir.

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The production of season 2 is expected to start soon. Should I take the words out of your mouth with tongs pinchers? You stabbed me from the back. He exposed your relationship with Mahir. I asked myself first if those who helped episodr escape came up with his transfer. Did I say anything to the contrary?


A brief history of URDU 1: URDU 1 hosts and sponsors fashion related walk, shows, magazines, and other stuff related to the promotion of fashion in the country. It doesn’t work this way. We’ll talk about this when I come home, Miss Kerime.

Teyze I am soldier here there is nothing I can do. Instead of bending myself to this oppression and with all this little justice, I have to decide by myself.

Did I ask him to go and throw himself!?

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Urcu Canpolat Sema Ergenekon. There will be no wood or coal for a whole week. Tamam I promise I will try to find a solution, I will to to talk Nedcet.

I wish we can go back to the days where there are no secrets between us. And they accompanied the princesses until they go safely to their rooms.

I heard the news about your brother. It gets broadcasted from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Urdu 1 has this given us the best ever dramas in all genres and on all the topics. You cannot leave me here, you 38. Melih was the one that gave me the evidence that barely made it on time for epiwode last hearing.

The dramas that not only entertain but also depict the reality All of these are experienced people in the fields of Media, Telecommunication, and broadcastings.


Wait I will change my clothes and live together. This friend is the new employee show him around,Haydi.

They do not allow him to talk to anyone. It happened without my will. He personally came to my office. The prosecutor has you in his mind. This is the biggest and most successful fashion show of our country and is managed by URDU 1.

We said that the kxradayi of this flow was wrong, and we rowed against it insistently.

They made a decision or something happened, I don’t understand anything, I heard Osman and Yasin talking. Once in blue moon, we get to see any unique drama. URDU 1 is a relatively young channel. And his face will not see the sunlight…. The channel is held and owned by karadai famous media company. Have you gone mad Mahir? I just heard a voice coming from down and suddenly I moved to that voice.

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You can watch them here on Vidpk. The man came and drank his coffee. I have three matches left.

This release proved to be the biggest blessing for the network. The security is on edge. Sign In Sign Up.