The company also announced two new models of the Kaleidescape Alto Movie Player. These new products are supported by the release of our new movie store, which is more attractive and easier to navigate than ever before. It holds downloads at once. When setup right, the experience of the Kaleidescape Alto is something else. Or just whatever is downloaded on the Alto you are on is playable? The only way around this is to buy one of the Kaleidescape systems with a disc vault and a player, and that will cost x as much as the Alto does to get going. The Strato onscreen user interface is also displayed in full 4K Ultra HD, at 60 frames per second, resulting in fluid animation and a stunning visual impact. This is still way way way too much money for mainstreet.

I’m not going to get too deep into describing the Alto’s operation just yet. Each movie is downloaded and stored on a local hard drive—either on a Strato, or on a Terra Movie Server. Last edited by Done Deal DR; at Kaleidescape Alto and the Kaleidescape Disc Server are available now. Brian Hampton is offline. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: They just were a bit confused. In addition, you can’t help but think at a lower start up cost, someone may find a way to “upgrade” storage on these.

I will be watching closely. It’s convenient, but I’d be willing to pay for the full BD experience and snappy and intuitive interface – not to mention taking away the streaming aspect, which while my speeds are plenty fast to stream HDX on multiple TV’s at the same time, it makes more sense to download content once and have it locally on the home LAN for me than to re-stream things.


I would also love to see someone offset the cost of this player with reduced cost of purchasing movies through means such as UV codes, etc.

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The major downside to the Kaleidescape Alto is that all the studios are not on board kaleidescappe. Ultimately, any unintentional interruption of an immersive cinematic experience is a disaster.

The purchase price is about the same as services like Vudu, Amazon, and iTunes—but you get better sound and better picture quality with Kaleidescape’s Blu-ray quality downloads, as I’ve discovered in numerous comparisons between online delivery formats.

A system with four players stores up to downloaded movies in Blu-ray quality or titles in DVD quality. Out of curiosity, is the Alto capable of remembering which discs have been played in it in the past, strictly so that those titles are included when I browse thru my library to pick something to watch.

Get your copy today. Way to go Kaleidescape. As the whole-house audio market continues to evolve, the maturation of wireless…. The support for storing music is also gone, kaleidescale you no longer import titles and the Kaleidescape Store does kaleidescappe offer music.

Last edited by kaleidescxpe at The Alto loses the ability to play back music that other Kaleidescape systems have. Dark Matter is offline. Their systems are expensive, and there is no way around that. That’s a nice price drop, really nice In use, the Kaleidescape Alto is just great. If you’re a movie buff and want the best playback experience, you can’t beat the Kaleidescape one. The main drawback with anything from Kaleidescape is the price.

Anyone know how big a download for the typical movie? These are distinguished from the digital downloads by a Blu-ray banner on top of the cover art. The only thing that K has that I truly covet is that interface. They just were a bit confused. None of the titles I view in the store have a 3D version available, but I can double check.


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The Kaleidescape Store has improved since I last used it. Are you able to import 3D titles and play them in 3D?

Still, is that enough of a differentiator to justify the cost? I do not see anything in the spec that indicates his can play and import 3D.

Bandwidth obviously comes into play here, but those with fast connections and no caps would benefit from such a feature. Alto offers a new price point for that experience, but a still limited store and no more title importing mean it is a niche solution. Many of the service providers touting cinsma content are capping their streaming bitrates at 16 Mbps.

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It seems like they are making efforts to get these units a bit more mass market, so that’s a plus. The Kaleidescape Alto looks like the Cinema One but has important differences. In addition, you can’t help but think at a lower start up cost, someone may find a way to “upgrade” storage on these.

It presents the cover art of all your titles on the screen. The Strato without internal storage plays back from a movie server. I had purchased titles from my last review, and was able to selectively download and remove them from the system as space warranted.