Military wala dress The policeman in uniform and the other person accompanying him in plain clothes were still there. All the while they were in contact with their officers on the telephone. At that time, according to the plan, Kafa also gave all of them ID cards with their Hindu names. It was driven by a police constable and a police officer was on its pillion. Do visit the page whenever free. He then left and went away. Rudra walks to his room.

SSO wants to know about Samar but why?? But the conspiracy and the preparation for the attack took place in Pakistan and, therefore, it was impossible for any agency of this country to make investigations in regard to that part of the case. On this information, two photographers immediately proceeded to the Taj Hotel. They learnt how to use fake identities while on a mission. He saw them clearly in the light of the electric bulb of watts that was lit on the terrace. The tall man was also holding a gun.

Kahin To Hoga – Episode –

Our hope of getting Shivika back soon is still on waiting list I feel but will love to watch them together in whatever circumstances. In this specific case reporter said interested in girls. Ranilya 25th Jun – 6: Jignasa 23rd Jun – How dare she say like that future Epiode.

Then they saw a car with a yellow light coming towards them from the opposite direction. What do you all feel???

Looking around, Kasab saw that parh road divider on his right was very low and thought they could cross it by driving the car at very high speed. Both of them were carrying bags on their shoulders. Meanwhile, Mahek becomes pregnant as a result of her relationship with Rishi, but he flatly denies that he is responsible.


I want to follow theses sources too!

They also retaliated and fired back at the terrorists. Shrivardhankar realised that the man would kill him in any case and, therefore, decided to fight.

Hence no Ani today.? At that time they saw two terrorists coming towards the porch situated near the subway. She could see them clearly in the light from the street lights.

Piyuu 24th Jun – Pushpa Shaukeen means somebody who is interested in something.

C.I.D. (Crime Investigation Department)

CVs ve a lot of things to learn from you. She asked when he felt like making a confession. On one such visit, he quarreled with his Abbu over the money earned by him. I am very badly waiting for it. Date asked him to bend down and then fired over his head towards the terrace. They had enquired about them and even while Abu Ismail tried to rebuff them Kasab told them that they were students.

Indha yuckiniku hammerla patthathu. Ismail stopped the car at some distance from the barricade and kept the headlights on. He went on to say that he saw the two gunmen going from platform no. We might have shivika meet too. The officer who got down from the motor-cycle started directing people coming from the direction of CST to return.

The message was sent from the wireless set of one of those vehicles. Hope your lil one is ok by now. Ho gaya mera… ab se no first comment phir se.


They were lobbing hand grenades also. Kk … Hahah Shivomru prinku scenes?????????????????????????????? Omru will make plan to get back Annika in OM??????????? One of them said they were students while the other responded by roughly asking in reply as to how he was concerned about them.

I read something on insta some time before that from August ishqbaazi will start. Glad your DD is doing vwell. Phad was the driver on duty for the vehicle. Post ur feedbacks and like my page m. All the ID cards were of Arunodaya College. He was shorter in height than the other terrorist. A password will be e-mailed to you.

But according to the clips i think SSO will behave rudely akhin then i feel later he will only regret but just hoping this phase passes out soon. Yup i liked that part the most… SSO was not even thinking about her.

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Yuckini SSO aaj pata chalega. Ismail fired at the policemen and the public while continuing to drive the car. He gets Sujal and Kashish married to each other. Ayyiyo pakalaiye … IB pathu kadupaichi adhe shit then dbo um iruku nu pakala written mattum than padichen pa … Pakuren IG pic poturukangala???