But now the geomgye are suspected of assassinating aristocrats. The king keeps repeating who he is but no one believes him. Sign of the Heavens Team. And he runs right past Seok-ho. Teachers So-young and Eun-yoo notice Hyun-jung alone during lunchtime, but she hurriedly runs off when Soo-jung tries to talk to her. The King announces that he will make JOJ a concubine.

Hyun-jung is back, long hair gone. So this guy actually has a heart? Park Ha Sun Supporting Cast. It seems like she was an outsider when they first met, but he took care of her and was her only friend. Wanted posters for DY are everywhere and she gets recognised when she takes Gaedura to the hospital with food poisoning. Chief Seo asks his own influential father to speak to the king about opening the investigation again. She wants to be dressed in a fine hanbok and get her reward of good food. Young Dal searches his room and finds his geomgye headband.

Chung Soo helps her discover that the letters are a code.

Everyone likes her and she is kind and helpful. The ladies use their skills Chinese language skills and signing with mirrors to spy on the delegates.

dpisode DY sneaks back into the guest house dressed as a servant again, gets the paper and wood that she needs and runs away chased by Qing guards! The girls start to take her away while Baekhyun is holding his ground. She enters in her number as her mother. DY keeps thinking about a piece of paper she found with Chinese characters written on it.


King Sukjong meets DY for the first time and tries to protect her. But he tries to act macho in front of DY who, seeing him struggle, offers to drink it instead of him!

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Chun Soo realises that DY is in the palace and they run around looking for each other. JOJ watches him in yo. Seok-ho showcases his violent childhood doing some real damage on the guys while the females cheer him on in the car.

But now the geomgye are suspected of y aristocrats. TV Dong Yi Episode She still thinks he is just a nobleman but she is impressed dobg he helps her get back in the palace. The smuggler is working with JHJ and is prepared to financially support the Namin and in return be able to smuggle freely into Joseon. It seems like she was an outsider when they first met, but he took care of her and was her only friend. He finds Hyun-jung in the hospital.

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Baek-hyun gets a text telling him to leave from his delivery at -surprise! They are both impressed!

And he runs right past Seok-ho. Min Joon Hyun Supporting Cast. They are lazy and incompetent and the son takes an interest in DY. Pul-ip thinks about it for a moment and the moment of when he was about to kiss her flashes in her memory. DY takes control of the situation.


No wonder she was in love with him. But from the last episode, we know someone was watching. She wants to speak to JOJ and so goes to her residence. Seoin faction members involved in the bad omen deception are demoted whilst members of the Namin including Lord Oh are promoted.

Jung Sung Yoon Supporting Cast. She tells him him not to worry about kwdorama.

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JOJ is supported by the Namin so he hopes if she becomes a concubine this will even out the political power. He drops his bag and hobbles out. Kim Dong Yoon Supporting Cast. But the hard men just laugh. Baek-hyun overhears Seok-ho telling Ding this. And then the King turns up! She apologies to Baek-hyun for ever liking him, and she walks off. DY manages to sneak away anyway. DY is still on the wanted list so she hides in the village which is having a fireworks festival. The king has been out of the palace too incognito and spots her.

Soo-jung and Ma-ri are also on their way to the club. Even though he made some mistakes, he should never give up his aspirations.