Kanon and her friends went to the Cream Pasture for a field trip with Fluola joining them. She consults to her friends to see if they can help her. Feeling depressed and also sad, Garnet and Nejikawa will both do something for her in order for her dreams to be totally fulfilled. Archived from the original on May 4, Jasper decides to stay at Mikage and Masago’s apartment after his gets flooded. The Jewelpets and Hinata were panicking on this until the found out the truth as Angela and Shouko won the bike race.

Or the biggest Broadway disaster? Meanwhile, Kanon and the others were also going to Dragon Land as well as told by Nejikawa about the mysterious guy who brought Ruby and her friends to the same place. Long ago, Titana was bullied by King and his followers after he accidentally bumped onto him. Will they ever get the Rainbow Jewel and unite both kingdoms once more? The others were having a hard time finishing their homework due to their adventure in Dragon Land. Later on, Ruby and Kanon are chatting about their experiences in the academy, with her having the two rings that Jewelina gave her during Valentines Day.

She decides to join the Miss Sunshine Academy to be more famous, but ends up in a comedy contest instead. Ruby talked to Kanon about it last night about her future, with Kanon jokingly said she won’t pass. Shouko and her friends saw him working hard, cleaning the floors and decided to see if they can make a man jewelppet of Titana.

Jewelpet Sunshine: Episode 6

However, they all need to fight through the Legendary Pirates sunshlne were wanting the treasure. As they try to adapt and enjoy themselves in the island, while finding a way back to Jewel Land, each one of them were being watched by someone unknown.

A Love Letter brings a serious commotion to Ruby’s class and Kanon is seriously embarrassed by it. During the film shooting, Masago is doing his best to direct the most romantic film for their entry to the contest, while there are a lot of chaos and disagreement with the students on their chosen roles.

One of their classmates came and warned them about Phantom M-Kage and another case of the Dark Jewel Power surrounding him, explaining why Mikage is absent in the previous days. The next day, everything is back to normal During class, they find out that she has a crush on a mosquito and she is driving her friends nuts on this strange pairing throughout the day.


Ruby and her friends decided to help her deliver the gifts all over Jewel Land. And who is the mysterious figure watching them? Back to Kanon and her group, the somehow failed to get some clues but notices a lot of Jewelpets affected by the Dark Jewel Magic as the battle continues.

Springtime has arrived and Jewel Land is again under attack by clouds of Dark Jewel Magic and one of Ruby’s classmates has engaged in battle against the dark clouds.

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Iruka is having a hard time assigning each sunshjne them to their future jobs until its Ruby’s turn, in which she said that she wanted to be a pop idol or get married to Mikage.

To both Kanon and Mikage however, they both started to feel something special about them while Titana tries to forcefully separate them until Master caught them both and turned them in.

Feeling curious, she consulted her friends to see what is really going on with their homeroom teacher. Opal and The Chairman Yay!: Jasper decides to stay at Mikage and Masago’s apartment after his gets flooded. Archived from the original on June 10, Yaginuma has been transformed into a real-life goat due to unknown reasons while King and his lackeys found something that could overthrow the Sunshine Academy.

Jewelpet Sunshine Episode 6 English Subbed at gogoanime

It’s the day of the Tanabata Festival and Ruby asked Mikage if she can watch the fireworks with him, on which he agreed. Kanon herself may use to this chance to get closer to Mikage. The Final Chapter of the Summer Saga. The Jewelpets and Hinata were panicking on this until the found out the truth as Angela and Shouko won the bike race. Kanon In Ruby’s Body however is becoming more jealous on the Jewelpet flirting with enylish. Ruby and Sapphie Yay!: However, after Hinata accidentally tripped some of the laser sensors, they now got 5 Minutes to get that item before Iruka wakes up.

He chose Garnet to be the star of the film for her to be famous like Nyanjelina. Peridot feels worried about this and that it will endanger the group until they can find good scoop for the papers.

Kanon, Suv, Mikage and Tour go on a double date in town. As the bride and groom came out, everyone were now happy on the new married couple while Jill tossed the bouquet, later to be caught by Ruby. However, strange fake clones of Ruby’s engoish called Jugempets started to appear out of nowhere, replacing her friends little by little.


As each teams fight it out during the festival, the Rose Section is taking the lead while the students in the Plum Section were doing their best to beat them. Juerupetto Sanshain is the third Jewelpet anime series created by Sanrio and Sega and animated by Studio Cometannounced in Shogakukan’s Pucchigumi magazine and is produced by Takayuki Inagaki.

Ruby had a problem with a Stalker and he is following her all over Jewel Land. Kanon and the Jewelpets decides to do everything they know to convince Hinata to do their homework.

Ruby and her friends decides to get her back to their class.

But she herself got caught by M-kage himself until she noticed the same touch, knowing that it is Mikage being possessed by the Ennglish Jewel Magic. Meanwhile, Iruka is trying to impress Jill again on their first date. How will they get back to Jewel Land? To make matters worse, Teacher Jweelpet is about to read it. The series is known for referencing pop culture from shows, anime, manga and movies. Mikage is happy to see Ruby and the others that he lets them tag along in the human world, at the same time making Kanon seriously angry.

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As they saw this, the rest of her friends joined them and they combined their efforts to defeat the Dark Queen and the Dark Jewel Magic once and for all, while saving Jewelina and Jewel Land.

Ruby got infected first then her friends in the academy. However, in a last-ditch effort, Dark Queen fires a blast that could kill them, but Ruby blocks it with her body, severely injuring her while sending the three away from the castle. Ruby, Labra and Peridot were still looking for the couple as Ruby is dead mad due to Kanon hogging on Mikage and almost everyone in Jewel Land is episoee for the couple to be turned in to Kanon’s mom.