I also love the little kid from Playful Kiss who is portraying young HY. Everytime I watch that clip I ponder to myself and question if SeungYeon is scheming and glaring at TaeHee or just admiring the artistry of the tapestry Jang Hyun warns Prince Dongpyung about what is to come, bringing up famous Chinese historical folklore about the sword dance assassination attempt between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu during a banquet. Thanks JB for the recap. When Seul findns out what HY’s dad did, she won’t be able to forgive him. On the first episode, hammie steals something and get yelled at already.

Ja Kyung recognizes Ok Jung, but not the other way around. More or less like showing a naked torso and a small towel on ep. And does not let Yoonjoo step all over her. Ok Jung endures the hazing and glares at them. The royal family and all the ministers are gathered for an prayer ceremony and everyone stands around waiting for the MIA Crown Prince Lee Soon. Seol invites Jung-woo to eat with her, and who should they find in the dining room but the Hae-young and Yoon-ju.

Lee Soon decides on how to handle Minister Heo and the Noron faction. So far, now into ep-7, this show has hit all the right spots for me. He recites all of her outlandish behavior dancing in the street, asking a stranger to hand over his receipt, and so on to point out how very un-princessy she is. I could feel the heat and the tension with the silence. Overall, I’m just happy to not see the plot drag since this is right where most dramas do and the kiss could have been worse.

Off to read for the 2nd time! Minister Heo secretly smirks believing Lee Soon is dead.

On the other hand, from the very beginning the soundtrack of this drama hasn’t been in line with the moods each scene wants to portray. Absolute best episdode thus far. Guh, these two cousins not knowing they love the same woman is going to kill me softly. Pat January 27, at 9: Sure, an auteur film can afford a music-less first kiss as a way of experimenting new filming techniques, but in a drama which is supposed to make the fluffy romantic hearts skip a beat, that silence made it awkward and luke warm – if not downright cold.


I am glad to see her determination and her clinging on to hope. Can’t happen because he’s got to hold onto his stance. Han Da Min Supporting Cast. And you know what? Pulling him to her, Seol gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Thanks JB for the recap. She shushes them, saying it is unseemly to gossip about the Queen and the Mother of the Nation.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 6 Recap

Like Jang Ok Jung. They made her do all the laundry in the rain. This episode was so good! It will be so great if Seungyeon can take part in one of the best drama this year A nice moment like this completely stands out as most shows nowadays are never lack of background noise whether appropriate or not.

Lee Soon is young and quite true to himself. In such cold weather it’s safer for grandpa to stay at home. I am bursting with giddiness over this drama. In Hyun goes to pay her respects to her father who brought his new wife home.

I doubt Ok jang is going to die at the end. Thank you so much for recapping.

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Cast – Dong Yi. Inhyeon came to buy a dress for the choosing day. Posted April 30, And I only watched her 3 projects so far including JOJ. Much mahalo for the recap. When Lee Soon walks past him, he pauses for a moment, clearly aware of what Minister Heo and the Noron faction tried to do to him.


Before janf can be taken away, the o, sent by evil Madam Jo have caught up to them and want first dibs.

Yet, I still think he chose a “lesser of two evils” in a way. Was i the only one who laughed out loud at the part where prince dongpyung talked about peeing by the wall to jang hyun?

Junt In Sign Up. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: OMG, someone already secretly warned him. Not the great image he had held onto and hated his grandfather so adamantly for. I hope it happens with MP as well, because these two are just too darn cute: I feel sorry for this boy.

Kim Yoo Jung Supporting Cast. Prince Dongpyung tries to rush back to the banquet but Jang Hyun grabs him and says its too late now. She just thinks JOJ looks so pretty to be that near to the king.

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Nothing SSH does is wrong to me, haha. As Lunarscope points out, this could be down to the directing – he does a lot of brooding on his own or just jjng to her cry without interfering, all of which doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘I want to be your underpants’ for every viewer. Ok Jung she flashes back to her interaction with Lee Soon there when he took her to find cloth to make In Kyung a skirt. By Lmangla Started December 14, Soon asked Ok Jung to make his clothes.

Ja Kyung recognizes Ok Jung, but not the other way around. Amazing acting jqng Song Dong Il.