Oh wait, I can’t go to the salon because weird crap starts happening there. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. I guess she is struck with the desolation of how shitty that dog is going to be for that guy, too. Twelve versions of this song? But I liked the PV. An erotic hair-washing sequence. Apparently it is okay, as he waves jovially, and everything goes slo-mo again as the manager lady retreats into the back room and he looks retardedly at his lady of the soapy hand as she matches his retardation and raises him double. It is not Photo Man.

Yes, I go back to work where angry lady push me and place of where I sexy shampoo the head of my beloved. She didn’t walk home in her smock today? I was wondering if there was any truth to this and if any one could fill me in with details of this. This has so many horror stuff going for it. But before she left, he made her pose as a model. Oh no, I see where he has stuck my photo to the wall. This thought apparently strikes her as well, for she puts her hand up over her mouth in horror.

Video Vixen is getting the bandages taken off of her face. He unscrews a bottle of photography liquid of some gir, which makes no sense since the pictures had already been finished and hung up to dry.

Best way to eat out a girl https: However, the group quickly disbanded afterwards, due to internal conflict that could not be resolved.

He has a sleek helmet on, so I wonder why he was dressed like a gay aviator earlier. Their debut single “Because I’m a Girl” Hangul: But, I look at this girl, and honestly Retrieved July 4, Maybe no Koreans have peripheral vision.

And it really honestly does say what we thought it said. She looks nervous and he tells her to “move over” then “stay still” with his hand gestures. He stares in awe ffilm the girl, disbelief because apparently, according to his swoony moon-face, she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.


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Visions of a moose and young boys in a back alley flashed in the recesses of my mind. It was just a phrase.

A lot of men assume that me kissing my ,iss is an invitation for them to join. She found him there sitting on a bench with a dog next to him and noticed that he was blind. Because she’s a girl, she doesn’t care enough that some guy she doesn’t know too well but had feelings for has donated his sight to her?

When I was reading the brcause I thought “it reminds me of something”.

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With Tao of Badass you can learn the simple secrets that may make you the one all girls want. Reply Parent Thread Link. That was when enterxom made the fatal mistake that would set off a chain of events that led me to this point in my life that I have now settled into.

Yeah, I don’t care how deeply your hair washing fetish is rooted into your brain, nobody has the right to look that sadistically excited while touching some wacky Korean man’s head. I found myself waiting for the still frame of an elderly couple holding hands, then the immediate switch to the slight unremarkable vocalist, clutching her breast mid-sob.

I mean, with that much effort and such a nice camera, why is he obsessing over making some poor woman pose just for the sake of posing? This Site Might Help You.

She brought a change of clothes? I am so confused. Why are they not together? That’s harrassment, and she pouts and looks upset at the accident. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Related Questions Questions about girls kissing girls? There was an unobtrusive Asian girl on the screen. He says something else. He arrives and she grins, running over to him. Then some girl walks right in front of his fucking shot. He flinches, and the manager rushes in, apologizing profusely to the man and literally shoving the girl in retaliation.


More sadness because my eyes hurt and also I am alone and Gay Assistant have steal my bath beads. He begins touching her hair, and his homo assistant walks up the steps, stares in horror, and walks back out.

Kiss – Because I’m A Girl?

She reaches up onto a high shelf where a small box of film is tucked snugly in between some cleaning fluid and the bottle of developer acid he’d left open. Because she’s a girl.

There was nothing I could do now. Marur haji guresso nega shirhojyoda go Nunchiga obnun nan nur bochegiman hesso Norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya Sarangi jonbuin gurl yojainika.

Yeah, something suddenly came up. He left some cloth in the salon by accident, leaving the girl a chance to come by his workplace to return it.

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I watch sad, romantic music videos from time to time. He is sitting at his desk staring at the Polaroids she had pasted together of her enormous head kissing at his face. Views Read Edit View entecom.

giro She walks down some steps, and does a double take. He looks back to his new lady love, and they smile laughingly at each other. Video Girl turns and walks back into the darkroom. Oh wait, I can’t go to the salon because weird crap starts happening there.