The character appears to be a satire of channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow. The sketches all seamlessly blend into each other, but thankfully don’t suffer the problem of being too long, as found in the most recent series. After watching the first episode, I couldn’t stop looking at my friend, wide-eyed and with my mouth gawping open, and repeating ‘oh In the second series Ivan marries a prison visitor who then becomes the object of Mr Hoppy’s jealousy and is brutally murdered by him. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Hoppy a sociopathic monster.

An ordinary mother who uses her daughter’s disappearance and the ongoing police investigation as the springboard to launch a showbiz career. The animation is done in a kind of new-wave, post – computer graphics style, a good blend of hand drawn and computer animation. Why is adult animation absent from UK TV? It’s your darkest nightmare and very best dream involving your high-school crush. The famous comedian put upon to perform numerous tasks because, as a famous comedian he is just as qualified as a trained professional. This show is so great that it totally deserves to be released on DVD, translated to other languages German, Russian, Spanish etc. If you are a parent, don’t let your kid watch it.

Elaine, being the most popular and seemingly only contestant quickly becomes a huge, almost dbsky media celebrity, appearing on Question Time and being bestowed such honours as meeting Nelson Mandela and carrying the Olympic torch on the final leg of its journey, chairing peace talks at the Geneva Convention and finally becoming the president of the Republic of Macedonia.

This is comedy so messed up, so deeply deeply wrong, that most of the laughs come without the need for punchlines. A father of a young girl is hopelessly addicted to gambling and resorts to selling her possessions and episide presents received from her family to fund his habit. Despite his repeated protests that he “never done it” and that his confession had been coerced by various methods of police torture and brutality, he was convicted for killing a typist at a meat-safe in by strangling her with a pair of ladies’ pants.

Share this Rating Title: He quickly gets promoted in his new job from doormat to curtain. The sketch is partially inspired by the Sion Jenkins investigation. When he eventually manages to arrange a meeting with one of his online friends known as “Charlotte”, the “child” turns out to be another elderly chat room paedophile.

In his final appearance, the man orders a mail order bride that is clearly a man. It’s a cartoon series with dark humor which is absolutely fun to watch. Dobsky bears more than a passing resemblance to the true case of wrongly convicted Stefan Kiszko. Dobsky has the mental age of a four-year-old child, speaks in a soft, flowing Carlisle [1] accent, and generally gives the impression of being a completely harmless simpleton.

The commercialistic, corruption and capitalistic themes that come up are overly obvious, thus loosing the touch of hyperbolisation, because the whole show is so over the top, you expect every frame of it to be exactly what it is.


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The show is most savage towards the media and the government, obviously, but it never lets individuals off the hook for anything, correctly interpreting the massive ills caused by those aforementioned institutions to be the byproduct of thousands of bad people making bad decisions. Most characters who die in some of the episodes are alive episods in the next episode – typical for comedies, it’s more like a cycle or a snapshot of reality rather than a long story split into scenes although some of the sub-plots do develop across episodes.

Yes No Report this. But the truth is that like all sketch variety shows, some bits dosbky going to be way funnier than others, and the un-funny ones drag down the rating by subverting the high expectations that the funny ones set up. Also, oftenly the “joke” is stretched out for the sake of showing how horrific and macabre everything epjsode them is, but with the first part of the joke and the remaining part of it overinflated, the show gets lost in the concept of shock.

When they episde up, the man asks her if she had any nice dreams, to which she replies, “No, nothing special. Different studios worked on different sketches, and so there’s a lot of variety in the half hour.

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Also, the repetitive nature of the sketches leaves a lot to be desired for the binge-watchers among us, who would much rather just cut all that time-wasting fat away and dobsjy to the real meat. Just don’t believe anything in the show is true. The animation is done in a kind of new-wave, post – computer graphics style, a good blend of hand drawn and computer animation.

Was this review helpful? The Paedofinder General appeared in a few skits in the first episode of series two and returned as a regular character in series three. In one, as soon as Clive arrives, she barks out: A paedophile attempts to lure children via a chat roombut fails each time, unable to successfully portray himself as a year-old boy named “Benji”.

The dosky police officer in charge constantly stresses that they are looking for somebody with “evil staring eyes” and the word “chillingly” is overused when describing the murder.

The show, half an hour long, comprises a series of interlinked sketches, with returning characters ivxn with one-off spectaculars. It’s how you know that you aren’t dreaming; no one can imagine this “stuff”. When he asks what happened to the previous barman, who was Irishhe is told that he wasn’t “Oirish” enough. Inspired by the film Witchfinder General.

Epksode dad doesn’t feel dobsku he can impress him and ends up committing suicide each episode. In the third series, the Paedofinder General has a musical number, singing along with some of his cohorts.

In one sketch, when the taxi driver says that in his country he is the most senior heart surgeon, it is instead revealed his passenger is David Baddiel from his own sketch in the show ; who indignantly replies “No, I am! Ivan was an friendly, innocent Liverpool lad before he was locked up 27 years ago for a crime he did not commit. If you are a kid, don’t watch it in front of your parents they’ll have you back watching CITV before the end credits.


Later sketches saw other people responding to them with extreme violence before they can even get to the front of the queue: Baffling cactusx 9 May In fact, Monkey Dust is pretty much unsuitable for everyone.

An apparently kind and elderly man who is a former high-ranking member of the Nazi party and was almost certainly active in their numerous war crimes.

If you are British, or dkbsky any connection with the UK, I highly recommend, otherwise, I recommend highly! British animation has been somewhat lacking to my recollection, but this show makes up perfectly. It must be said. Edit Cast Series cast summary: The links between the stories are fantastic, I especially like the scenes with Tony Blair stood in front of an American flag promising things that are impossible, such as ‘free money for everyone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The other voice-over actors are played by Enn Reitel consolidation adverts man whose voice is used by Lombard Direct and others. It is possible the inspiration for this depiction of radical Islamicist ideology in the midst of otherwise normal modern British life comes from iva detention of the so-called Tipton Three at Camp X-Ray.

The images are frequently very violent which might turn off some people. The point is, TV is nothing these days. With no knowledge of what is good and what is bad we cannot laugh at the bad and see that all light has gone.

A British sketch comedy show where people in ordinary situations suddenly find themselves in absurd situations.

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Such tasks include rescuing a child trapped underneath the wheels of a car or piloting a space shuttle. In any case, a great dark gem to be discovered by all the clever little thinkers out there who spend their days depressed by the reality around them Geoff is a wimpy bespectacled office worker who constantly tries to pluck up the courage to fellate strange men in toilets or parks “cottaging” is the slang termbut is always thwarted somehow, and when he finally succeeds with a fellow gay co-worker, he finds that he doesn’t really like it although they end up cuddling instead.

With no contrast, we don’t get the shock.