Khushi is touched when Buaji gives her jalebis for the journey, but an idea strikes her and she convinces them about it. Khushi is still seething from being humiliated by Arnav. Later Arnav and Khushi decide not to talk to each other lol. Will Shyam’s wrongdoing come to light? He is annoyed when Khushi keeps talking throughout the way. While Arnav regrets his behaviour towards Khushi, Shashi threatens to expose Shyam in front of his family. Arnav blocks Khushi’s way and shouts at her.

Shyam manipulates Anjali and buys an expensive watch at her expense. Meanwhile, Anjali is upset when Shyam tells her he will be late for her parents’ death anniversary ceremony. Will Arnav change his mind? Arnav is relieved on finding Khushi safe. Arnav refuses to answer any questions and locks himself in his room. Khushi rushes to return it. Will Shyam’s wrongdoing come to light? Can’t you give us new Sarun show?

Aware that the water will run out, Khushi delays Arnav’s bathing time.

Will he be able to find her? Shyam tries to hide away from the Raizada family.

Meanwhile, Payal’s wedding is stopped. Arnav offers to drop Khushi home, but she goes with Nanda Kishore. He puts the scorpion on Anjali’s bed in a bid to kill her. Khushi and Anjali berate Arnav for disappearing all of a sudden. After confessing their feelings for each other, Arnav refuses to let go of Khushi’s hand.


Later, Khushi apologises to Arnav for her misbehaviour, but he shouts back. Arnav brings his lawyer in the meeting and tells Akash to sign the legal document.

He accuses Khushi of immorality. Arnav, then, assumes that Anjali skips her lunch because she is sad about the Sangeeth being cancelled. Khushi also sees Payal in a similar condition.

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Shyam plans to steals Arnav’s locker key on isspyaarkokyanaamcoon pretext of serving him, but Khushi is furious to see him. Nani asks Arnav to give a solid reason behind his decision and refuses to let Lavanya go. But they stop fighting on the way, and Arnav drops Khushi midway. Anjali asks Khushi to train Lavanya, but she declines the offer stating Arnav’s presence as the reason.

Khushi and Arnav iaspyaarkokyanaamdoon their discord from Anjali. Later, Payal thanks Arnav for helping her and Akash. However, Arnav blames Khushi for the troubles. Meanwhile, Shyam gets suspicious on seeing their grim faces.

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Khushi decides to leave the Raizada house when Arnav refuses to answer her questions. Has Shyam stopped thinking of Khushi? She demands to know why he had married her. Pyaar ki ye raat hai Ab na jaa Khushi warns Shyam to stay away.


Khushi is disturbed about her feelings for her husband and reveals them to him. Arnav gets angry and cancels the dance competition. Madhumati is shocked on learning about the ring and asks Khushi to look for it.

He tells her that Akash will sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Shyam decides to meet Khushi.


She goes back to get the same. Khushi plans to jump off a building. Khushi thinks Arnav is practising black magic. She is later shocked to see Akash at home. Shyam then apologises to her for his fraudulent ways.