Discussed will be the challenges, successes and lessons in connecting citizens and activists to the internet, establishing coordination communications systems for medical responders, and supporting livelihoods for youth through ICT freelancing. Empowerment evolves from a bottom-up ‘how-to’ approach. In light of the recently published October second volume of the FRA Report on surveillance Surveillance by intelligence services: Stopping the Hate and Harassment Online. Participants will be able to follow the deployment and configuration of a local MAZI Zone or even try the process by themselves. Sc and I focus on high-level coordination and on strategic developments. The staff identify problems and help attendees implement practices that can protect them from threats. A moderator will first introduce the issue of online violence against women in politics and in journalism, framing the issue for the audience and highlighting the key issues to be explored in the session.

New York city introduced a bill that would require the city to make public the computer instructions that are used, invisibly, in all kinds of government decision-making. How is the relationship between online misinformation and violent extremism evolving? All participants will then work in small groups and be guided through a brainstorm on ways that they can start using data within their own organization. This talk will rely on InternetLab’s ongoing research to highlight the importance of advancing the digital rights agenda in Latin America to update and improve our electoral laws and systems. This interactive, fishbowl style session will explore the possibility of using global perception data for work in the digital rights space. The Toronto Declaration on Discrimination in Machine Learning The Toronto Declaration on Discrimination in Machine Learning is a step toward developing detailed guidelines for the promotion of equality and protection of the right to nondiscrimination in machine learning. Social implications of new and emerging technologies. The use of technology in the weather and climate sphere prompts challenges to the protection of human rights in ways that are not obvious.

Professor London is an isaaac Fellow of the Hastings Center whose work focuses on ethical and policy issues surrounding the development In a world where communications between two individuals in one country may pass through a third country, and where surveillance techniques do not readily permit an assessment of the nationality of the communicants, does it make sense for countries to extend strong human rights protections just to their own citizens or just to “domestic” communications?

Human rights due diligence in telecommunications gubeek is the current practice the good practice? Amine Ben Asker The session aims to help small organization build their private Cloud infrastructure using Openstack over linux on Baremetal servers. They reiterate that company should prevent human rights violations against LGBTI customers, suppliers and distributors. Where can experts on violent extremism provide best practice to those isaca to counter disinformation?


Lorena is the executive director of AlgorithmWatch, a non-profit organisation to evaluate and shed light on algorithmic and automatization processes that have a social relevance. And international bodies are increasingly calling for human rights videos on public platforms to be preserved.

Extremist groups and malicious actors spreading misinformation are mutual beneficiaries of the chaos that ensues when it is increasingly hard to tell truths from lies, facts from fiction on the internet. And we get the story of Sci-Hub, the rogue repository that offers free access to the majority of scientific research articles around the world—and has had several stinging judgments levied against it.

Indeed, major figures in media, entertainment, technology, and politics have had to step down over allegations of inappropriate behavior towards female colleagues. Cost of Freedom in Syria In this talk, Noura Ghazi, discusses the past present and future of human rights in Syria, from over 1, cases she administered as an international lawyer. Xianhong Hu and Mr.

Through a discussion with the audience we will model possible best solutions that will balance out the rights of users, owners, and producers of these new, exciting vehicles. In this role, she helps human rights They asked for daily perspectives and contextualisation.

Tools that can make this happen include Signal, WhatsApp, and Wire, and they are awesome! Srie role of ICTs in the dissemination of populism is not fully explored. Subsidising journalism from advertising revenues is a broken model.

Each year since, the event has grown dramatically in size, scope and impact.

Content regulation in the digital age: Both organizations worked to create a collection of interactive web plots for visualizing the relationships between country ranking datasets and other socio-economic indicators, including the Fragile States Index, UN Human Development Index, Freedom in the World and World Bank open data.

Mastering the fear of digital communication technologies such as these CNs helps young and old to be furra engaged in both community politics and social issues. This question impacts the relationship journalists and media have with audience, advertisers and other stakeholders. This is already the case for military fuerz platforms know as Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems LAWS that can kill and destroy a target without human intervention.


Human Rights are a isaaf reality. And now Indians are facing the ramifications of the compromise of the Aadhaar Id the largest biometric database in the world.

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This resulted in a daily flow of over thousand messages shared with the radio station. Dragana is a human rights researcher and ethnographer based in New York, and writes about refugees, forced migration, civic tech innovation, and digital security.

I’m a former reporter who founded the satirical and comedic website, Walking Eagle News – similar to The Onion and Beaverton, but with an Indigenous twist.

Over the last 8 years, the United States, Europe, Canada and others have been big proponents of the idea that more internet access would promote human rights. Hamed Behravan The lightning talk is about an already developed platform called Movements. How and when should those dealing with violent extremism and disinformation collaborate?

The panellists, briefly drawing upon their experiences from Canada and the United States will discuss the importance of effective oversight as an indispensable safeguard for reviewing the activities of the intelligence services and upholding the rule of law.

Shedding light on Internet Blackouts An Internet blackout happens when the connectivity of a seie region or even a whole country is completely disrupted. We will examine what types of potentially copyrighted data a car like that would collect and what are the challenges related to that. Health Environment Land Labour.

And am deeply committed to empowering people and helping to shift their perspective. As a result, we shall be able to reconfigure and reposition the business model and create sustainable business models that combine social value with our economic strength.

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International Trade and the Commons. Sign up or log in to bookmark your favorites and sync them to your phone or calendar. This session will share the experiences of Roia in setting up alternative, secure communications infrastructure in besieged areas. Ramy Raoof Senior Technologist. This talk will rely on InternetLab’s ongoing research to highlight the importance of advancing the digital rights agenda in Latin America serke update and improve our electoral laws and systems.