Exposure issues I warned you about I was sad to come to the end of my expired Instax stash! Maybe a better approach would be to reformulate the caustic developing goop? Since I don’t have new pods I have to use the ones already there for experimentation. Edited by Zebbadiah member 6 years ago. Find your correct exposure and shoot that, then shoot one stop up and one stop down. Kat White 11 years ago. And I got some really old black and white pack film that expired in the 70s to take one pretty crappy, but still visible picture.

I’m using some right now that’s been expired for 10 years. This is not the place for other Polaroid products including the Polaroid digital instant cameras. What else could I put into the humidifiers? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I see some ridiculous prices on expired film but I cannot imagine buying film that might not even be usable. I have four attempts to restore polaroid film with moisture.

Also i don’t know If integral film is water based as pack film is. Once it has aged and reacted, it will no longer go back. I know that just expirwd water into the dry pod does nothing, because I’ve tried!

Polroid guy made his own peel-apart film from Ilford FP4, fixed photo paper, polarodi a monobath paste, basically something like New He told me the PH level starts out at a base level and as the film develops move towards neutral PH level which will self terminate the development process.

I’m also modifying my Captiva to take 4AA batteries. This of course means that i will have to sacrifice a NOS Polaroid, but consider it an offering to you, o mighty flickr. Every photographer on earth has been guilty of the crime of blatantly ignoring his or her trusted light meter at one point or another.

As for what happens once it’s taken off the shelf, I’ve heard thrown away or returned. Put both humidifiers and one pack of film in a sealed tupperware container for a while. Edited by Kate Pulley member 11 years ago. Another visit to the zoo, a girl’s night out in Memphis, and also continuing to incorporate it into my daily photo project.


Guide To Shooting Expired Instax Film

I’m going to visit that place regularly to see when they put the on clearance. Polaroid submitted 10 months ago by nicksansalty. Of course all the films came out brown. To reverse this process of drying, the water molecule has to move through the same barrier as it left and would take as long to rehydrate as it took uszble dehydrate.

I STILL SHOOT FILM – 5 Tips For Shooting With Expired Film

Another thought is to take a dried pod, and enough distilled water to make a gel consistency assuming it dissolves ,then check the pH of the ‘new goo’ to see where it is The alcohol inside Vodka is ethanol which has a much larger molecule than water this would make it even harder to pass through the pod than water.

I am a polarood of the group at Polaroid Passion and I’ve been following rilm bunch of the New55 stuff as I have a wild idea to try and find a way to reproduce expkred roll films assembling by hand and re-purposing available materials is exactly the route I want to take with that.

I shot on expired Plus and got great results – but a expired was totally red.

I’m going to use the camera purely for the odd shot on holiday to turn into postcards so will be getting a few packs to keep me going for a few years. I have expires a fair amount of expired film throughout the years, but until recently, I hadn’t shot expired Instax film. James – polaroidd is exactly what I’m talking about Then test it out in my Polaroid Captiva.

While the film’s out of the pack, I’ll recharge the pulapulse battery. I was really responding to the general theme of the topic, not to your post specifically.

Science Experiment: Restoring dried, expired polaroid film with humidifiers. | Polaroid | Flickr

Save Cancel Drag to set position! I don’t know how old it was but it was labeled “ER” and had 8 exposures. This is an ad-free pure content subreddit. Why would you suddenly not trust your light meter?

I dived into all the available patents several years ago and found the chemistry to be incompatible.


I always do look for it at flea markets hoping to get it cheap just for fun. I am planning on stocking up. I think ill get a few pH strips form work and test the difference between the dried up stuff and a good photo. Yeah, yeah, so were the Indians.

I feel like Herbert in the Re-Animator injecting dead things to bring back to life. Two of my mom’s tattoos One of my brother’s MANY tattoos I tried to savor the rest of my expired film, so I ended up getting to use it in a variety of situations: At least these photos sort of looked like a jack-o’-lantern when I put them together! I just turned Pop is still right I have four attempts to restore polaroid film with moisture.

Exposure issues I warned you about. You would probably end up rusting the pack itself, as well, if you used humidifiers. OK, I was reluctant to try a monobath in a tray after reading air exposure caused color shift in 60’s Polaroid color media, but putting the shit back into the horse and putting water back into the pod both fail, as does a petrified pod. Oh god I hope not I just found out today that Polaroid is discontinuing its instant film. Oh, wow- I forgot all about this post.

Peachy same, the asdas by me has taken the tag off of the shelves. Save Cancel Drag to set position!


Tod, think you’ll find and I’m assuming does make a shift to green eventually. And today I received a pack of black and white type pack film for my super shooter; it was also dried up. I would definitely pick up expired Instax film again in the future! This is film that expired about 10 years ago It’ll expire this summer though.

Here’s what happened when I tried the first pack: