She hears her mom’s voice and runs outside and hugs them. Manorma teases him for getting shy and leaves. Bua says that Khushi is not diligent but it’s her young blood which gave her the energy she had. Arnav says give to Buaji. There was no point keeping mum. Last we saw that Arnav made Khushi come up with all those antics, which at one point of time he never could stand by. Arnav says NEWS again. Khushi is shocked to know that Arnav has taken her house rent from the house owner.

She thinks it may be because of the lesser rains. Arnav then pulls her towards him. Khushi now says she is not going to come and Arnav can do whatever he wants. What goes around comes around. Khushi confesses she has no idea what she’s going to do and didn’t even know she’ll end up working for him. He knew the extent to which he had hurt her and his heart cried every time he saw Khushi for it reminds him of what he put her through and so wishes her a lifetime full of happiness.

Khushi gives 24, rupees to Shukla ji her landlord and asks him happy now?. I’m really hungry” “No need. He was the one responsible for making it look as if they had eloped and gotten married.

So she asks Payal to sleep with her. Finally she notices and tells Payal she’s very hungry.

Payal asks her how she’ll work in ASR’s office for two weeks where the very first day, she had seen so much. Khushi asks then where you will make me work? On the other hand, Khushi is visibly worried as she reaches home. Her neighbor sees her and asks what are you doing?


About Us Our aim is to be the central source of information on all things about Barun Sobti. He says Anjali says you only fall when someone says about you. Khushi starts giving news again and this time she gives news that a wife added sugar in tea and …… now Arnav says DANCE.

Khushi Tends To Arnav’s Back

Khushi says have to make them. Arnav ask what doc said: He was the one responsible for the numerous vile tongues his wife had to endure behind her back. She says she will wait for bulldozer.

He will hike the rent charges and this will irk Khushi a lot, furthermore she will be left fuming when the builder will offer her to stay with him in return of getting the rent reduced.

Buaji tells Khushi to take ASR inside. You will see how he smartly catches Khushi’s lie of Buaji being unwell. Arnav in his room thinking how epksode is 12 days, and after that she will become Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada forever.

He goes closer and closer to her. He says he just came and wrtiten her for another 24, rupees. But she never expected it to be linked to a lpkknd she suffered in an enormity only a woman who lost a child would understand. Khushi says is it in deal to tell you everything? He was the one at fault for dragging her to a temple and conducting an unfledged marriage. Nani scolds her how she should think before saying. Khushi fabricates a story to fool the doctor. Arnav and Khushi plan an exciting Rakshabandhan for Anjali.

Team BARUN: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 27th July written update

Manorma teases him for getting shy and leaves. Nani says Payal that she should have gone with him. Khushi rushes with the packing and ASR idlywatches Khushi doing all the work. Anjali tells him she won’t force him but she wants to tell him something. written



Arnav asks are you missing me? Khushi massages Arnav’s back with oil after he gets injured at the Gupta house. Someone rings the door and she goes to open the door. Which one is that? Are you ready guys??

And yeah, coming Rakshabandhan, you will also get to see Arnav and Khushi planning a 20012 to cheer Anjali Daljeet Bhanot up. While creating more romantic moments for his wife it turned out to be a disaster specially for Anjalias this is one of the most upsetting moments as Arnav is paying eipsode attention to Khushi instead of his sister.

He has never wished anyone in his life. Next morning, Arnav and Khushi are sleeping. He then tells her to become TV and entertain him. She says Hello Hi Bye Bye and leaves. She asks him are you in office?

ISS PRAR KO KYA NAAM DOON FROM THE BEGINNING: Ipkknd 28th june written update ((episode 17))

He uses this as an excuse to beconcerned and touches her lipsKhushi carries on with the packing and ASR watches looking happy. Khushi and buaji eat pani puri and is shocked to see Arnav coming there. She refuses Arnav to come along with her.