Sam comes in from a run, having enjoyed a sunrise and gotten Dean some bacon and eggs. Nobody seems to notice that Dean is claiming to have got the drop on April after she killed Castiel and knocked out Sam. Ezekiel [to Suit Angel]: He is, in fact, indisputably All About Dean. Haggerty comments that it took three years to build the Bunker. All the girls in her new school are jealous and all the boys are obsessed.

This page was last edited on 28 February , at Seems this is what happens when you are not vessel material these days. As they did later on. How I wish the episode had written Charlie as mute, not the Witch. He is coming to Dean by other means. The print version is also up. Note that the writers and director get angel lore completely wrong and have the angel coming in as white smoke via two windows. Stiles [spoilers ahoy for several seasons] Tagline:

She may even try allying with an angel to do it. Dean accepts this as a good thing. She might not be able to do any more damage there. But should he even be fighting to live? Seadon, there is an obvious benefit to an angel to trade up, but there are few humans who are potential vessels.

Some have complained that Abaddon should have been too badass to flee seaosn the approach of an angel, but I disagree. Sadly, this death will not last long.

She is a distant threat, at best, so far. All she did was laugh. Cut back to Then we get an absolutely ridiculous kill of the Witch and an even more ridiculous tech-magic moment hooking up her computer to the Men of Letters computer.


And the very first contribution Tracy makes is to be a complete cow to Sam, her face looking as though she just bit into a lemon.

Column: Gods and Monsters: Recap and Review: Supernatural 9.02: Devil May Care

Also of note — if Sam as a vessel can acquire actual angel powers, how much more powerful can the Michael Sword be? Death makes no attempt to interfere. Further, it seems more likely that we are getting a situation where Sam is dying innssmouth is being slowly written out in a way that fans accept — and that will still leave Jared Padalecki in the lead, playing a character in a bromance with Dean.

The only reason for Ezekial to stick around would be if 1. The older man with the mustache is James Haggerty, the younger man Peter Jenkins. Reviews also help with sales. The other is the girl Hunter with the VW bug and the ridiculous wardrobe.

This brings us to the mytharc element I brought up before. It was a trap. Wary, Dean navigates this conversation as if it were full of gators, especially when Sam starts questioning why Castiel ;ress in the first place.

Might he be the only one who could take on Metatron?

Column: Gods and Monsters: Recap and Review: Supernatural I’m No Angel | Innsmouth Free Press

Plus, hey, it meant Dean got two Reaper kills. Do You Believe in Miracles? If you like these reviews, please help continue our site by making a donation, buying one of our fiction issuesor buying one of our books: Needless to say, this not only makes no sense in light of all previous Reaper canon, but it completely ruins all the mystique of Seaspn.


I want more fairies. This writing duo is both ignorant and condescending when it comes to religious topics.

Recap and Review: Supernatural , “Baby”

Yes, she actually takes time out from a tense and fraught situation, where they really should be running not yakking, to infodump all seawon Sam about something that happened to her years ago. She is lying in a field, her legs at wrong angles. Dorothy, not recognizing the clear signs of a see-you-next-Tuesday right in front of her, looks guilty. This is Dean Winchester and I need your help.

Instead, this writing duo acts as if angels are just white-smoke demons when nothing could be further from the truth.

Both of these characters are scrappy, fierce, brave, and out-of-the-box thinkers. One thing they have never — EVER — been described as is white demons. Because we all know how well that goes in these stories.

Column: Gods and Monsters: Recap and Review: Supernatural 9.04: Slumber Party

Pleased was I most greatly, though, to see another Deancentric episode. Fortunately, Dean is smarter. Castiel also wakes up, confused because he does remember dying. He is coming to Dean by other means.

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