We held the knife together with Ji Hwan and he cut the cake along with members like us. He is really happy to spend his birthday with the fans. Especially if that family consists out of an abused mother and a child. Anyways, it’s almost the end of the week! Also, letting another innocent person go to jail for a crime he committed is just wrong. In a cold voice, he asks why she killed Lawyer Hwang. It was a beautiful juxtaposition to Angelina’s situation. Although my passion for dramas has died down after KOD, I was even eager to read the finale and even watch it.

The first time was to check the status of the stage equipment, the seat number, the screen and the photography. Hannahmiriam and GaeinaLee, sorry for not updating recently. It all went downhill for her from there. He recalls how his own father used to hate him for being an excellent student, tearing up his awards. I have to say I was disappointed at first with the ending. By NileRose Started December 28, As philosopher Bertrand Russell puts it:

Or that he just like Jae In? There was a gift presentation ceremony that you prepared in Kanghamsa. That it turned out to be SK hurt him more than when he thought it was CD. Se-kwang tells him to shut up because only the victor is the one who is righteous. Those monney have evaluated it were proud of me.

Many hilarious scenes, The kung fu disco fight He learned how to fight from movies? But Cha-Don gave them Angelina’s blood instead.

He shoots over and over again, but the gun is empty. This drama probably had many flaws and plotholes, but after it started picking up the pace, none of them actually bothered me a lot anymore. White Day is celebrated in Korea, a month after Valentine’s Day, wherein the girls are given presents by guys.


I’d to watch another new drama: Ji Hwan was tall so he wondered what the insole of the MC was like. I liked it that Jae In was her old, plump self. They also showed their sweet side even after many years of their relationship.

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And she was almost as bad as Se Kwang. Equally hot was Lee Cha Don in a suit. Looking away from her, he promises to work to reduce her sentence to a maximum of five years. He was very caught up with what Daddy Lee had done to his own dad so he just couldn’t let it go. The rest of the prosecution has arrived and Cha-don gently sets Bi-ryung on the ground. It is a rare treat to watch a drama that not only gets better and better but has a rather decent ending!

Good thing that the baddies have a more rational, level-headed leader on their team and Se-kwang offers to be put on the case.

I always have eyes on mature man, with 3 pieces suit and french cuff, neat haircut, cultured, and sassy.

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Hey Carole glad that you’re here at last. They abruptly wrap up the interview and Angelina is still in shock. Not quite into those yet Kim Hak Chul Supporting Cast.

I loved your recaps which are filled with little nuggets of insights and full of humour; some of your one liners are really soooo funny. Ah this drama is over. I just can’t wrap my mind around loving someone so much that nothing else matters. There were a epusode of characters already, so I gave birth to the “Empress of Joseon”. He gained his conscience.

Then he appreciated Boss Bok and Jae In a lot more. Kwon had already lost his son, n was only consumed with the need to kill his son’s killer. They responded by giving me first aid. See you in the next drama recaps, maybe. His criminal activities started with vengeance that I most likely would have supported seeing as how he was a victim in the beginning.


Loving it to bits and pieces, as they say. Now she will know that those who will put her in prison do not give damn about her and likely want her to be in prison.

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An insider said, ” There are lots of rumors that Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon will marry soon because they’ve dated for a long time. And now, he pats her back in comfort while his expression remains incanation.

The event is finally approaching!! Se Gwang, the bullet was too good for him!

Posted June 4, He greeted the fans, especially the long time fans who he met dramactazy after a while. I appreciate the last scene being there to show that ‘fat’ women r beautiful in their own right! Thank you so much, gummimochi, for the recaps. Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. It turns out that thing Prosecutor Kwon had prepared is a gun. In the last scene of this episode, where they showed Se Kwang and Cha Don facing off via le internet, I couldn’t help but think Magneto’s helmet She’s probably gonna have 49 episodes of being hated by everyone and epiisode 1 happy ending episode.

Still didn’t get it at the end. And, yes, pechumori dearie