This is when she realized she wants to become a ‘true hot girl’. Cancel reply Enter your comment here I want to convey a relaxing and happy message to everyone. However, I had a part in every episode: Joey told Bowie to not put her in this humiliating situation anymore. I thought he was right to be tough on Chi Ching so that she can move on and not waste her time. But the plot has been severely blasted not only by mainland Chinese but also by Hong Kong citizens. Louis asked Cho Lam if he heard the song Old Love never dies.

At the time, there was footprints on the street because it was from my dripping sweat, the whole costume was soaked. HK people are really on the hot-tempered side, they get upset no matter what! Ng told Roger that Joey helped him out with the lawn and asked him to cut into the shape of a scissor hand movie. If you can boil on and have the courage, then watch on! Roger told the reporters he worked hard. Roger gave movie tickets to Joey. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

Roger gave Joey a box of chocolate. In fact, Siu Bo had already gotten the taste of being a ‘hot girl’ when she was Ching Ching told Cho Lam that she is confused since he called her cousins.

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Eventually the cousins learn to mutually support and understand one another. It is a harmonious process. Louis saw Cho Lam talking to Ching Ching on the phone. Roger and Joey ends up falling in love.


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Joey hugged Roger and cried. This is when she realized she wants to become a ‘true hot girl’. Skip to content February 22, jnewin. Joey told a Joke from Roger to cheer up her student.

I only want to write a good script so the audience can enjoy, not trying to steal anybody’s rice bowl. She might just be another fat girl, but she stands out because she’s cute and funny. According to Wong, besides himself and Wong Cho-lam, two other team members are eipsode the mainland. Roger watch the video of Cho Lam and Joey that they got one of them guys with them.

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Cho Lam told Mimi that his dad should show up to their contest since the song is about his parents. Cho Lam found out that his dad have been in Hongkong all along and never left to mainland. Siu Shan beat up the kidnappers and told Roger and Joey to jnbound.

Chan teach the orphans english in the village. The robbers tied Joey and Roger on the pole then left. Troub,es in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

Roger told his friends to keep an eye on Sze Sze and Dan Dan at the inbohnd. He wanted his mom to cook for him.


Inbound Troubles episode 20 recap (END)

Joey asked Roger if he really wants to marry her. Login or Register before you can reply to Daisy. Angela asked Siu Shan why did he participate in the kidnapping.

Anyway, it will have a happy ending and shows the ties between the two sides.

Roger came up to Joey. So, this time I told myself, I must bring my weight down to pounds. As one of the leads, Wong Cho Lam expressed: Louis asked Ching Ching for his erhu back. Shouldn’t people from China and Hong Kong be in harmony anyway?

She has a good music foundation and singing skills. Angela asked Siu Shan how he knows she fainted. As for insulting HK people, that depends on how you see it. Angela told Roger to go for it. I asked about it before, but everyone knew that I already had a part in writing the show.

Whitney came in as second runner-up and third place in MHK But this was kind of like a dark episod for me – in fact, I didn’t even watch some episodes and then it started to grow on me.