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Semior Iya Osun and an adopted daughter of Abayimo Susanne Wenger For them, the Osun grove reshaped by Wenger and her group is a symbol of the power of art to stop the negative and disruptive effects of Western culture and civilization. The priests do not mind them. As the present director stresses, for him the image works in the grove are monuments; that is, their purpose is to remind the general Nigerian public of its rich cultural heritage. What is depicted in the brochures as a more or less linear history of political evolution is actually a complex and rather fragile matter. Rather, it ventilated them, for the state—being the new owner of the land—has not yet compensated the former owners. But For now I will say you did a great job let’s continue to promote Africa. In contrast to the complaints about the desacralization policy, these comments are rather hidden and hardly ever fully articulated.

A dressed-up girl takes part in the Osun Osogbo festival, or the river goddess festival, in Osogbo, capital of southwest Nigeria’s Osun State. Media New media New comments Search media. It is the celebration of the birth of Osogbo and the remembrance of the events that led to the founding of the town.

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In the course of the last decades, however, these lineages have lost their ritual importance. Yorubx women of high title also perform invocations, prayers, and offerings. In other words, the text reinforces the structuring of the social space marked by the images. Rather, it ventilated them, for the state—being the new owner of the land—has not yet compensated the former owners. It is more a rather diffuse uneasiness and discomfort.

Indeed,Mukanda does not endorse the activities osoogbo with the grove, and rejects and condemns them wholeheartedly.


Discussing the matter in detail it soon became apparent that the palace is using the brochures to exclude rivaling claims and competing historical traditions in favor of the ruling royal lineage. In family situations, a family elder known either formally or informally as “Alagba” presides over ancestral rites.

The occasion is an attempt on our part to look back into the life our forefathers which we can still appreciate and hope to hand over to generations after us. Moremi Active Member Dec 23, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Compared to the old images, these new ones differed not only in material and shape but also in nature. However, when asked whether the cement sculptures and architectures can be considered as ritual objects, they get angry.

As such, the content of the text differs, however, from the explanations Wenger herself has given to the structures. The new domain prospered, more and more people came, and soon the place became too small. However, with the opening up of the museum, the situation changed, as suddenly the artists working formerly for Wenger now found themselves on the payroll of the museum.

An Egungun costume is composed of multiple layers of cloth lappets made from expensive and prestigious textiles, expressing the wealth and status of a family as well as the power of the ancestor. In other words, the public they appeal to is different from the one the priests feel belonging to. Moremi Active Member Dec 22, Mukanda is bitter when he talks about these issues.

Arugba middlecarrying the Osun-Osogbo Calabash covered. Yeye Siju Osunyemi, Priestess of Osun. Both of the genres use the image works created by Wenger and her collaborators as an organizational principle of their narratives.

However, women are not powerless in the ritual of Egungun.

At annual festivals, each of the numerous lineages is given a separate day to perform. While none of these plans were implemented, the tensions remained. But For now I will say you did a great job let’s continue to promote Africa. I saw the Iyalorisa of Osun. The priests do not mind them. Some of the priests still remember the arrival of Wenger in ily late s. Elders say separation is necessary because of the soogbo of women power.


Thus, another place was sought and once again the people moved. Reading through the material, it is evident that the ritual practices and oral traditions connected to Osun were sensibly realized as representing an elaborate religious and political landscape.

From the s on-wards, she began to explain her project in a number of publications Denk ; Wenger ; Wenger ; Wenger and Chesi Osun-Osogbo purification ritual being performed at the Osun river during the edition. For them, the festival was not a matter of remembrance, but one of homage to the goddess. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Egungun spiritually cleans the community; through the dramatic acting and miming of the robed priests, they demonstrate both ethical and amoral behavior that have occurred since their last visit.

If they do not include her in their deliberations….

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The multiple hidden and visible layers of fabric used to create an Egungun costume signify the sacred and the worldly, respectively. As a result, Mukanda and his followers repeatedly destroyed the structures created by Wenger and her collaborators. An Egungun Costume of the Yoruba”. Sola Administrator Staff member.

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Egungun Energized to Dance. The composition of an Egungun ensemble has several distinctive owogbo. Legendary figures Oduduwa Oranyan Moremi Ajasoro. In contrast to the temple, which belonged to the palace, these sculptures did not last long. On top of this base are placed the layers of lappets.