Etia and Ariel are given a key by Leguzario that will let them free Akari from the Clessidra, but only with the right timing. Laplace Supporting Horii, Chado Japanese. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. The episode takes place prior to the series, when Akari moves in with Fuyuna following the passing of her mother. The Revolution — El-Hazard: And what is the now powerless Seira doing!? Stating that she loves her too and accepting her destiny, Akari manages to overcome the darkness.

Don’t have much to say other than that it looks like Luna is still part daemonia. Akari and her companions prevent the Daemonia from killing a kindergarten teacher and her students. Sep 21st at 2: Getting away with murder. Wandering Son Kotoura-san Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ginka was able to defeat her counterpart and break free from the dimension she was trapped in thanks to Akari.

When she awakens, she discovers to her horror that the monster was actually Fuyuna. Ginka decides to face her counterpart alone, with the others helpless to do anything but watch as they defeat each other, vanishing into nothingness.

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Like, he’s kind of being used as an all-purpose shoulder devil, but surely he has an individual agenda he’s following, and would therefore sometimes be inconvenienced by people doing bad things.

Later, a pair of schoolgirls, Minori and Hanae, encounter Seira and Ginka and befriend them. Rebecca Silverman of Anime News Network gave the first half of the series an overall rating of B, praising the series’ powerful moments and the accuracy of the depiction of tarot cards, while criticizing the series’ character design. Noticing Akari and the girl in danger, Luna overcomes her fear in order to save them and awaken her healing ability, allowing Seira and Ginka to defeat the Daemonia.


They return to the academy where Etia and Ariel are waiting for them, prepared to illusiooni them of their next assignment. Sep 13th at 1: MistyBlue All reviews 60 people found this review helpful.

Second, Epieode suspect Luna is the daughter of someone high up in Legzario probably the bossso killing her may have some effect on his position. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ginka was able to defeat her counterpart and break free from the dimension she was trapped in thanks to Akari.

Edit Staff No data yet. Somehow, things managed to get even creepier.

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Who’s that Anime Girl with Headphones? More like, it was a possibility they didn’t specifically deny. Given some time off from action, Ginka visits Yataro, who assures her that she helps bring balance to her group.

Meanwhile, Akari becomes upset at Seira, who claims only weak people become possessed by Daemonia, lamenting that she was unable to help Fuyuna when she needed it. Wandering Son Kotoura-san Or at least some more importance to that scene.

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Television series Episodee Universe El-Hazard: Hi there, yuri subtext. Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou: Which might be cruelly nullified since Seira and Luna are killing each other at the moment. Meanwhile, Luna, who is starting off as a tarot wielder, struggles to fight against the Daemonia, having only just learned of their true nature, and begins training under Priscilla and Meltina.


Retrieved November 1, He’s taken a loli form before, and this girl looks very much like a younger version of that one so Not surprised, but it’s still awesome.

Everything about that scene suggests that it is. Episode 13 Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode fpisode Afterwards, as Akari reads a journal left behind by Fuyuna, Luna states she is grateful to be able to illuzioni the Daemonia. Getting away with murder. As everyone in Sefiro Fiore becomes saddened and frightened by Ginka’s disappearance, Luna is called by her butler to stay at her villa to rest.

As they fight, Luna also becomes able to hear the Daemonia’s resentful thoughts by touching Akari, with Seira killing it off before Akari can hear her true feelings. With a hairpin Hanae bought with Seira the only thing left behind of her new friend, Seira gives it to Minori, who is able to undergo her surgery. The pinkie swear would have been a ‘contract’.

The Angeloid of Clockwork Persona 4: The Animation — Humanity Has Declined Akari transforms into a magical girl wielding the power of the Sun Penetrx and fights back, but is overpowered and knocked unconscious.

Akari moves to the school and meets her new teammates: