Select a paper type from the list. Print this page to determine the current status of the fuser. The content of the configuration page varies, depending on the options currently installed in the printer. This message appears if a user has two or more stored jobs that do not require a PIN. The default is 15 seconds. Don’t have an account? Make sure that the Ready bottom light is on and all other lights are off. HP Color LaserJet , , and series printers Simultaneously press and release the Go and Cancel Job buttons on the control panel to print a Configuration page and Supplies Status page at the printer.

Specifies the proxy server to be used by embedded applications in the product. Print configuration page from the printer. Open the Toolbox Utility using one of the following methods. HP LaserJet , , and series printers. Activate individual parts independently to isolate noise, leaking, and other hardware issues. Press the Menu button to exit the menu.

Shows the maximum detected round-trip- time RTTfrom 0 to milliseconds, for packet transmission and response.

giide Isolates print quality faults more accurately by stopping the product in mid-print cycle, which allows you to see where the image begins to degrade.

EconoMode is a feature that allows the product to use less toner per page. Open a supported Web browser. Control-panel layout Use the control panel to obtain product and job status information and to configure the product.

HP LaserJet Enterprise P Printer : HP LaserJet P Series Embedded Web Server – User Guide

If you select zero 0the test runs indefinitely until an error occurs or the product is turned off. Reduce noise during printing. Prints a demonstration page. The embedded Web server also provides configuration information. A security settings page is not printed.


Specifies the proxy server to be used by embedded applications in the product. Print configuration page from the printer.

Select a value from 0 to To print the manual completely, please, download it. IPSec operation on the print server is disabled. Control how the product lasfrjet paper trays and related prompts at the control panel.

If laesrjet password has been set which is the defaultall the tabs are visible. Prints a page that explains the product components.

Specify the IP address n. For information about changing passwords as an IT administrator, see. The number of copies that were specified in the driver are multiplied by the number of copies specified on the control panel.

Automatic link-local IPv4 addressing.

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Selects any one of several available symbol sets at the product control panel. The product reprints pages if enough memory is available for full-speed two-sided printing. HP Color LaserJet, and series printers. The Configuration page will list the printer IP address and also the gateways.

Some menu items have no default. Page 30 Page 31 – Configuring the product from the Setting The Configuration report may be printed from the printer, the embedded Web server, or the HP toolbox. The link speed and communication mode of the print server must match the network.


Briefly press and release the Front Panel button. Enter text guice picture: HP LaserJet, and printers.

HP Laserjet p3015 User Manual

Shows the minimum detected round-trip- time RTTfrom 0 to milliseconds, for packet transmission and response. On a scale ofplease rate the helpfulness of this article 1 2 3 4 5. Y1 is the feed direction sserver a single-sided page or for the first side of a two-sided page. This can improve print speed.

Also In This Category. Press Down Arrow to the Information Menu. Specify whether to initiate the ping test. Configuration information is also available from the embedded web server. If you do not close the browser, the connection to the product HP EWS continues to run and could pose security risks. This feature assigns a static IP address that might interfere with a managed network.

Provides instructions for loading special print media such as envelopes, transparencies, and labels. When generating your own PCL, extra form feeds are included that would cause a blank page to be printed. A refresh automatically occurs when the menu times out or you manually return to the main menu.