Continuous 20A, burst 25A up to 10 seconds. Are there statements by the brands that you mention that their goods are made in these factories? Send a private message to larrysogla. In addition, we all know from experiencethat whether we have a Hacker SB-Pro series, Hyperion Titan, Airboss, orOK Hobby Infinite, then the 40A ESC model of each is identical between these different brands, and they have all the same features and functions and also identical appearance beneath the label. I have discovered it is: If your looking for an ESC with basic features and reliability at a bargain price you better bag a Birdie before they all fly the coop! Perfect for testing ground range of receivers and ensuring that your radio system has not dropped to an unsafe voltage before each flight.

We spend alot of time ensuring the ESC’s we stock are reliable and excellent value for money. The smaller companies don’t have the resources to do this, so they sell cheap and hope for the best. Expo is nothing more that a curve itself. Maybe they have programming that I’m unaware af too. A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic. It works with 2 – 7 Cell Lipoly pack and supplies a constant 5 or 6v to your receiver and is interference-free. Voltage status indicator lights on the pack show whether your 2 or 3 cell pack is Full, half charged or low. The new CPU means ultra fast sync timing, crisper throttle response, extremely low resistance and high voltage overheat protection.

Input voltage range is V, esd can be directly supplied by lithium, nickel-metal hydride, nickel cadmium or A cells. I’ve played with curves, limits and expo, only each time I think I’ve got it OK through some rather uninformed meddling I run into trouble when I unplug and replug the esc – it thinks it is in programming mode since the throttle is not at zero due to my meddling, the stick itself is at 0 – down – throttle settings not reversed, just to be clear.


Or are there other good makers? In most cases, it is simply because the branded program card or program box,used forprogramming different ESC parameters, is identical hobbykng the various brands made in the same original factory.

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Find More Posts by larrysogla. But you do not cite asource for your information.

I will not dispute your postings. Smooth starts, linear throttle curve.

Let us take some examples,for a 70A ESC: They can all be programmed and stored data accessed using a program box which looks quite distinctive see photo below – http: The program cards used for ZTW vs. Always make sure your ESC is rated at a power level higher than your motor can handle.

A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic. B,b is timing 7. This means you are now at STEP2 again. I only care about the features, function, reliability and overall quality of the products I receive. I work in the car rental industry and our rental vehicle prices fluctuate depending upon market demand Having trouble with throttle settings for cheap esc Programing help and example for all firmwares based on thus’s th9 firmware.

Therefore all these ESC brands will have the same specs and features, and be inter-changeable. No HTML skills required. Voltage status indicator lights on the pack show whether your 2 or 3 cell pack is Full, half charged or low.

They have their rolling production lines,manufacturing their standard ESCproducts, and that is what we all get. The Electrifly ESC’s lookdifferent from any other ESC’s -they have what appears programmin be 2 different length capacitors on the battery input side -most ESCs have 2 identical capacitors on this side http: Their need for sustained high-amp draw makes plane esc s unsuitable and car esc s with large amp spike fsc, unnecessary.


Sorting out the different ESC brands cryhavoc Are there statements by the brands that you mention that their goods are made programmign these factories? Compatible to use with all radio systems. Drives will be qualified with controllers and OS revs. ESC’swithdifferentquality levels and specs. B is startup mode 6.

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I hope you didn’t mind me responding in your thread cluttering it up http: Its optimized for use with 4 pole motors which are becoming quite popular in hobbykjng Short Course truck class, but of course works well with any sensorless brushless car motor.

The Turnigy AE series are based on new powerful microprocessor.

At least we all know rsc what ESCwe are getting Send a private message to larrysogla. I don’t mind reflashing so I can use them if that makes it easy to answer this question – a suggestion to try a certain template is fine, as is any explanation instead.

It is quite possible to make several brands or products in the same factory, each to a different design and quality level. I’ve read a lot and am not being lazy, just slow! No disrespect intended but it costs a LOT to provide the level of support the top companies provide including testing, stockign parts, documentation and training of their staffs.