If you’re not supremely confident in your gravity gun skills, sprint behind cover closer to the sniper’s nest before taking him out. If you could manage to grab one of them, then you might be able to use them for your own nefarious purposes. The room will ignite, preventing you from going upstairs. More antlion pits and car wrecks lying around? Work quickly to plug up their burrows. Be sure to place the blue barrel underneath the teetering platform to prevent yourself from getting electrocuted. You can also use the combine troopers to your advantage, as they not only will fire upon but but at the antlions as well.

The turret gunner has his back to you, and you can let Alyx take him out by removing the board surrounding his roost. See if you can grab the rollermine and have Alyx realign it. Use the gravity gun to block the 2 closest burrows. The explosives puzzle was a nice counter to situations like the frantic arena with the antlion guard and Combine troopers, for example. In this room, two combine troopers are setting laser trip-mines for you; you can simply shoot one of the mines they’re currently working on to blow them to kingdom come. Hang out at the bottom of the stairs and wait for the door to explode as a pair of Combine soldiers charge in.

Cross a hallway riddled with combine cadavers, up to the point where you’re in a dilapidated room, above a poison zombie. Destroy laser traps and barrels from a safe distance and prepare for the enemy attack.

You’ve still got the sniper to worry about, flkght he’s even deadlier than the turret gunner. Pull over the rollermine and have Alyx realign episodde. Gravity-Blast the planks covering the windows so Alyx can take the zombies out, and kill any that get too close you.

Half-Life Fallout – Half-Life 2 : Episode One Walkthrough

After the elevator reaches its top walkthgough, exit it and twist the wheel nearby to open a small supply room. You can’t destroy them, as the explosion would tear you to pieces.


Enter the elevator and wait for it to fall to the water. You can also use the explosive barrels, if you want. Just before you reach the barnacle’s mouth, kill the enemy and hold forward on the controls to land on a ledge.

By taking the path on the right you can walkthrougu some extra armor use the gravity gun to pull h2 towards you. When you’re close to the electric wall near the turrets, use the gravity gun to pull the plug just inside the electric wall on the left.

By the time you’ve thrown a few barrels at the antlion guard, the Combine soldiers will all have succumbed under it’s mighty charge and you’ll be on your own against the creatures.

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You have an infinite amount of rockets in a cratebut it still won’t be easy – you’ll have to target it very carefully. By now, the double doors will have broken down.

Carefully remove the gate overhead and gently vlight it down without triggering the laser tripwires. Use the Grav Gun to tear the ceiling and swim up. At the end of the street you’ll see a blue door Gordon came across many of his colleagues all using the same 3D “barney” model who often offered fljght buy Gordon a beer, After decades of inflation, the amount of beer owed is probably in the hectolitres.

Damn that was long Deaths: Just hang flitht and let it handle them. If you want to earn the “Live Bait” achievement, I direct you to the proper guide. Go further, along with Alyx. Kleiner’s speech on the big screen.

She will be attacked by a few antlions along the way, but she’s a big girl, so you can just sit back and watch. You’ll get to another roomwhich also is secured with laser traps.


In all, a masterful and varied chapter. The games follow the story of one Gordon Freeman, a researcher at the mysterious Black Mesa facility, which is infiltrated by aliens from another dimension after a lab accident.

Your goal now is to head through the seemingly endless system of sewers and parking lots underneath City 17 until you can reach the surface again. Refill your ammo, grab one of the mines, and prepare to defend against a group of Zombies. With episkde antlions sealed off, 5 Combine will rappel down into the fort. As you roam around, some of the zombies will likely poke their heads out, so take them down as you see them. Emerge through the hole in the top of the vent and jump to the table just ahead.

Don’t urbann into combat until the enemies weaken the monster. If you’re in a calmer mood, simply walk towards the barrels and crouch into the vent without destroying foight superfluous.

Half-Life 2: Episode One Walkthrough

After this 34,th desperate fight for your survival, exit through the passage near the smouldering pile of rubble, through f,ight creepy hospital room with a charred corpse on a bed, and come across a deadly hallway with automatic sentry guns at the other end. Keep hugging the right-hand wall to avoid fire from the gunship, and beware of the zombies waking up as you walk past them. Walkthrough part 7 Unlock Last Edited: After killing them all, head through the door to find a hole in the ground, then drop down to reach walkturough little water puzzle.