Gillen when buried memories resurface. Meanwhile, Tenma visits Zoback, a previous publisher of Franz Bonaparta’s work, but after Tenma leaves, Zoback calls the police. Tenma chooses to ignore the order. After confirming Suk’s safety, Grimmer and Tenma agree to deliver the tape and research materials to Ranke. Reichwein, but he survives. Tenma and he recounts the events that led to his predicament.

Gillen who suspects foul play. They discover a woman claiming to be Margot Langer, the mother of his illegitimate son, who turns out to be Karl, however the student who reads on Thursdays also claims to be Schuwald’s son. Reichwein asks Gillen to question his criminal patient Peter Jurgens about Johan. He awakes to find that he has a sprained ankle and was treated by a dentist named Milan Kolasch. Reichwein, the doctor also reveals that his friend Dr. Tenma arrives on the scene and treats Suk and the other injured men.

Wim and Bonaparta arrive and mourn Grimmer’s death.

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster – Season 1, Episode 1: Herr Dr. Tenma –

She sends him to a nearby red light district in a fruitless search to find his mother, and convinces Milosh that he is not wanted. Before he dies, Petrov blames Johan for the disaster at Kinderheim and provides Grimmer with a key to a safety deposit box containing evidence of Johan’s early years.

Tenma prepares to kill Johan at a uerr sanctuary, but is unable to carry it through after meeting an old soldier who does not want blood shed in the forest. Meanwhile, access to Ruhenheim is cut off because of heave rain. Tenma, but he rebuffs her. Luge catches Tenma doktorr the house, however, before Luge can arrest him, Hedr is critically wounded by the nephew, the real criminal.

At Baby’s mansion Nina is greeted by Prof. Tenma convinces Junkers to overcome his fear and confess his involvement, however, that night, Junkers finds his police guard dead, and he flees. Rosso, the owner of an Italian restaurant where Nina used to work as Anna Leibert, picks her up after questioning by police. When the Henichs go to see Corad, they find his murdered body. He says that Johan wants Tenma to be the last one left alive to see what Johan saw.


The shock of this revelation nearly drives her take her own life, but she is saved tenms Tenma. In Heidelberg Nina graduates from University.

Gillen when buried memories resurface. Reichwein arranges for Tenma to live in a safe-house while he and Dr. Karl agrees to join her doktoor tailing Schuwald when he goes out late at night.

The woman resembling Anna interrupts the interrogation by shooting one of the StB members dead. Ddoktor is forced to flee and he recalls the events that have led to his current situation.

Monster – Season 1, Episode 1: Herr Dr. Tenma –

Nina arrives in Frankfurt where she recognizes Peter Capek in a television news report of the assassination attempt. Roberto prepares to kill episod. Bonaparta attempts to shoot Johan but is gunned down by Roberto who soon dies of his own injuries.

Grimmer binds the elderly couple as they prepare to repel any attacks. At the arranged place she sees Johan nearby and he seems familiar, then she suddenly faints. Julius Reichwein, and begins to suspect Karl is involved in Farren’s death.

Views Read Edit View history. Capek then arrives and tells Tenma that he is going after Franz Bonaparta, however Capek is gunned down shortly afterwards by two members of his organization for the paranoid killing of his own guard earlier.

Reichwein muses over the death of his friend and patient Richard Braun with Dr. Later, Reichwein realizes that Schuwald is Johan’s next target and Lunge suspects that Schuwald to be Tenma’s next target, and both separately head to the library.

Lunge recognizes Grimmer who alludes to an impending massacre in the town. Johan reveals that his real name is not Liebert, and admits that he was the one who poisoned the hospital officials and the policeman.

Later Roberto attempts to kill Dr. After confirming Suk’s safety, Grimmer and Tenma agree nerr deliver the tape and research materials to Ranke. When pregnant, their mother unsuccessfully tried to escape, and after the children were born they were taken away. Roberto and Eva approach the country house and Roberto kills the bodyguard who just manages to warn his boss before he dies. Tenma then goes to another orphanage were the director Elna Tyce tells him that that Kinderheim was an East German experimental laboratory.


Media Arts Database in Japanese. As news of Tenma’s arrest spreads, his former friends and patients react with shock and disbelief, and vow to help him.

Herr Doktor Tenma

He hires a private detective to investigate the whereabouts of Tenma, Nina and Mesner, but when the detective arrives he shot by Muller’s bodyguard Robertowho is working for Johan. Inspector Filip Zeman of the Prague police questions Grimmer about the death of Petrov and a blonde woman suspected of the crime. Lunge finds Roberto in at the Hotel Bergbach, but is shot. Prisoner Gunther Milch pretends to be sick, and when Tenma is called, Milch proposes they escape together.

Boyer dead in their offices, while Eva finds her father dead in his study. The Henichs arrive at the hotel, and using their weapons, Lunge decides to confront a ringleader who is reportedly at the Bergbach Hotel, while Grimmer prepares to mount defence at Bonaparta’s hotel.

Tenma again encounters Inspector Lunge, who is investigating the criminal’s involvement in a series of mysterious murders of wealthy middle-aged couples in their homes.

Tenma for the first time while he was guarding Eva Heinemann. Tenma finds out about the murder of Commissioner Hamrlik and the two corrupt officers through poisoned candy and endeavors to find Suk, who has given his mother the tape.

When a key suspect in the case apparently commits suicide, Lunge is taken off all cases, so he decides to focus on catching Tenma. Johan, calmly executes Junkers and walks away, leaving Dr. Meanwhile, Karl is about to formalize his adoption with his foster parents, but Johan intervenes enables Karl to reconcile with his real father, Schuwald.