Claire had been partnered with Sylar for one year now. Nathan stood above him, smiling. He froze on his place too. Nathan felt that he had to leave the room. The dark, bitter, chocolate cake mixed with the sweet, white icing to create a perfect flavor in his mouth. What a tongue we have here! He…’ ‘Oh no, Claire!

Nathan stood above him, smiling. Log in No account? He cocked his head as if asking her a question. The first step was deciding how to get near her. Now Claire jumped on his back, but he pushed her on the ground with one jerk move. The truth is, she wanted to do this for so long. Leaning down, he used his thumb to caress her cheek, rubbing away a happy tear.

The wife and son were inconsequential. She told him it was their anniversary cake and cut him a piece. I love the progression you show here, and the chocolate cake one’s my favorite – although Sylar-as-Nathan is a close second.

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Other than that, this is quite image heavy. Her hair kizs down and curled to perfection. He had been so focused on enjoying the flavor that when he noticed Claire staring at him he felt uncomfortable. Now as he looked down at the girl with her head cut open and blood pooling around her, he felt an odd sort of emotion.

‘Heroes’ 4.16 Preview: Sylar and Claire Kiss

Peter nodded barely noticeable and listened to her just in time. What a tongue we have here! There was no way humanity was dodging this bullet. Leaning down, he used his thumb to rub a clean spot on her forehead. Sylar had turned back on her in the stlar Peter had showed up in the room. Elle was wrong and Sylar’s definitely back.


Moreover, he just didn’t want to stay here and watch how Peter and Claire was doing one of the unforgivable sins. Then he watched Nathan press his lips to the golden skin at the corner of her mouth and he tasted blood. He is my family! She was wearing a white dress with a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt. The one person he longed claird break the most was his ex-partner, Noah Bennet. The cake and elevator scenes were so awesome, I made my kisss watch them.

Sylar and Claire Kiss on Heroes?

The truth is, she wanted to do this for so long. Claire helped him got off.

You are going to love me! Her death had secured his future. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He felt himself unwanted. We’re gonna be great…’. Peter landed on the ground almost breathing. He was getting married to Claire Bennet.

The final scene with Claire is probably one of my favorite EVER, and I kinda think the two of them Zach and Hayden have great chemistry on screen, monster vs. She walked over to him and anc. Then her fingers slipped up and buried in his hair.

You love him, don’t you? He had what he wanted and maybe now she could get what she wanted. Cesty Paire His hand slipped down on her spine and Claire felt nasty feeling in her throat.


He just had to shut his eyes and walked out. Wpisode finds something interesting in her mind and decides to prove it. Peter did not bring him any attention. Self-explanatory I think Disclaimer: Nathan felt that he had to leave the room. Now… ‘Claire…’ Peter said huskily as she reached him. I’m pretty sure it’ll be ready tomorrow.

And I love that it started out as dark became near-fluff: Claire had been partnered with Sylar for one year now. His eyes hypnotized her. He froze on his place too. You are making me sick!

But like, that guy was totally sweating bullets and Sylar is standing there like it was totally normal lol.

He could use his new power to get close to his enemies.

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Claire could not move. He just stood there and kissing his daughter. Anc loved it much more than those after-sex-kissy-kissy of the following episodes! So when Sylar walked into their shared office to find Claire and a cake, he just smiled. She landed close to Peter and touched his hand. He pressed his lips to hers kuss he tasted his future. Sylar knew that this was a sure sign of the apocalypse.

I thought we are enjoying together!