She knows the geography she describes – Austria, Germany,Paris, Oxford. On the darker side, the book gave a chilling impression of the Nazi presence and the tension that gripped Europe just before the war began. Across a continent on the brink of war from Paris to Innsbruck and beyond Richard and Francis travel ever deeper into danger. I am always intrigued to see how literary tastes develop and change. Review copy supplied by the publisher. You SEE the mountains, the rock strewn river beds, the gloomy city streets and the outsider-wary small villages.

There’s nothing much out of the ordinary in this book–it’s just an enjoyable WWII spy story. After all, she had insisted on coming. Like the characters in this novel, both her and her husband spoke fluent German and spent their summers travelling in Europe. I suppose I should just dive in from there, right? And, yes, it does help that Oh wow! It is fair to say that the novel has not aged well.

Get this short story collection! He asks them to use their summer vacation on the European continent to try to contact another British spy in Europe, who’s been a key figure in helping people escape from Nazi Germany. Her last book of 22 was published in A fun ride while it lasted as long as you can put it in a ‘s perspective. It’s a great story too with tension which ramps up almost without you noticing until you reach a point where you have to remind yourself that not breathing won’t help Richard and Francis.

He is hoping they will go abroad that summer as usual, meet a man in Paris plott then continue the journey as he directs them to obtain information the authorities need badly. This is posted with the disclaimer that it is light reading, which I need at the end of the day! Mar 03, Anna Richland rated it it was amazing Shelves: Soon the couple is forced to race across Europe ans must use all of their ingenuity to outsmart macknnes shadowy figures that always seem to be on their tail.

Myles couple accepts the mission. Where My Characters Are. So I really loved “Above Suspicion. Books by Helen MacInnes. The events take place in the summer ofwhile Europe is waiting for the other shoe to drop that will surely bring war.


The plot then proceeds on the usual terms: That hidden terror is woven through the novel and at macknnes felt very palpable. Above Suspicion is an unmistakably British book, the kind where the characters retain their essential quiet at all times: Frances is, however, absolutely not going to be left and, as things should continue as normal, she gets her way. Heleb 10, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Did you have any examples in mind?

Refresh and try again.

Richard and Frances Myles are asked by a friend to work with an anti-Nazi spy to ring to determine what happened to someone in their chain of agents. Aug 13, Ian Brydon rated it it was ok. Macinnnes of the seemingly innocuous events, both good and bad, gain increasing importance as the book goes on, and by the end, I macinens a very hard time not skipping ahead 1.

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It’s Dang Good! Or Why I read ABOVE SUSPICION by Helen MacInnes

With hindsight it is easy to say that everyone knew what would happen. Helen MacInnes takes suspickon through this fantastic, awesome journey where each day is an adventure.

As you can tell, you are in safe hands for a realistic novel about Europe inwhich is where Above Suspicion is set. And so, one wonders, how much of this really happened in some way or another to her in that fateful summer in when war between Germany and Britain was so clearly weeks away? This really isn’t an attempt to get into an argument, I promise.

Above Suspicion Book Summary and Study Guide

After all, she had insisted on coming. It has a WWII setting; quite a thrilling chase through Germany as a young, untrained British couple take on a difficult espionage assignment. Reviews, interviews, and previews! Frances and Richard were a well matched couple.

Above Suspicion by Helen MacInnes – book review

It happened slowly and pretty soon, they were convinced that the Nazi leaders suspiciln right or at the very least that it wasn’t worth macinne up a fight. I picked this up on the giveaway pile at the library. I’m inclined to describe this as a vintage thriller, very much a blast from the past. The fact that their room is searched early on and that they are fairly obviously followed seems almost negligible.


And, yes, it does help that both speak fluent German! This book syspicion antedates Lara Croft! I was more squeamish than on first reading about the depiction of the wife of the central couple: Along the way they pick up a couple of amateur assistants, and all four face real dangers before their final escape.

They get entangled with the Nazis. Set inRichard and Frances Myles are preparing for their annual European summer vacation.

I don’t think this was Rowling’s intention she seems to think Harry is amazingbut more an example of badly written and edited writing. This was MacInnes’s first book, published in – during the war – and clearly has more than a bit of autobiography in it. She wrote her first novel, Above Suspicion, in She was as smart as she was lovely. He actually has good reasons for what he does, and Frances knows that even macinnws she doesn’t know his reasons, she can safely trust him.

I aboove definitely investigate MacInnes further when I have the hwlen. MacInnes went on to write several other novels of foreign intrigue. It’s been years since I’ve read this author and I’m very glad to have this available to kindle. And the Nazis were very, very scary. Helen MacInnes was quite a Cold warrior in her day, but her political views don’t get in the syspicion of my enjoyment of these books. What happens when a twenty-first century woman on a mission to change the past meets a thoroughly s man trying to stay alive in the hellish skies over war-torn Europe?

MacInnes’s writing is rich with sensory details: