In November , billboards and unipolls all over Beirut were displaying a lady’s hand upon a cloudy horizon. Due to the prolonged situation in the Lebanon region, Karam’s album was postponed from originally being released in June, then July and then finally postponed until November A 2D version was also released for Television and YouTube. The style of the album was more romantic and contemporary, in comparison to Najwa’s debut, Ya Habayeb , which was more traditional. No writing was on the posters. By the time her record Saharni was released in , she had established herself as one of the most prominent Lebanese singers and as a Middle Eastern pop icon. On 28 June Rotana released Hal Leile

The album was intended to get back in touch with a more youthful audience from other Arab nations, with whom had taken slight dis-interest in Karam’s music from the late 90s. A 2D version was also released for Television and YouTube. Adel Karam is a great actor, but he failed as a late night show host. An agreement between the parties was made, and Najwa was now on Rotana ‘s roster. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It hit home with many people, especially those living abroad in countries like Australia and the U.

The release, Maghroumehmarked Karam’s “official” transition from purely traditional Lebanese artist to the blend of traditional and contemporary Arabic that she is famous for today. It was ranked also top 1 for 6 months in Virgin Megastore in Lebanon, and it was broked the list of the best albums on iTunes Brazil.

The album received considerable success and positive reviews. After Najwa decided to postpone her upcoming album, a Song called “Wayn” appeared on the internet.

On the Amazon World Music site, the album hit the list of the best-selling albums in German, American and British versions. I love this show.

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Mawal El Adyan and it achieved huge success. All 8 songs of the album were entered in the list of “The Hot songs” on Fazboard Iran. A music video was made for the Najwa megamix, which contained samples from each song on the Oyoun Qalbi album. In Najwa participated in another television contest named Laylat Haz, where she gained greater exposure that would prepare her for her first attempt at breaking into the Arabic Music industry in Following the release of Hazi HeloNajwa set off on a large-scale world concert tour, which would take in many Arab states, parts of Europe, and America.


She has sold upwards of 60 million records in the world, with each album becoming a best-seller. Najwa Karam is one of the highest selling Arabic language singers and holds the records for highest selling Arabic language album during the years of,and The advertisement had the public wondering what message the posters were relaying, and who did the mysterious hand belong to?

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This album included 8 excellent songs as usual. No writing was on the posters. The timing of the new clip was criticised in some tabloids, because it was released during the tense electoral season in Lebanonand the so-called Cedar Revolution Independence Intifada.

To honor her success in the U. Law ma btekzob is like her 90s songs, Ana Rouh and Nawer Eyami are two of a kind romance songs. Thank you for making enjoyable. It was titled Ma Bassmahlak and closely followed the traditional style of Naghmet Hob. The success of album Nedmaneh brought about a number of awards, including a coveted Murex D’or for “Best Arabic Artist” award, and three special awards from Karam’s production company, Rotana: It had harmonious musical arrangements which used the traditional Lebanese instrument the Qanounalong with other traditional instruments such as the violin and the accordion.

Saharni Charmed was exactly the kind of album 7xki was a rebirth of the “old Najwa Karam”, and took the public by surprise, as they had at this point seasin to expect contemporary pop from the Shams el-Ghinnieh. Her video for “Khallini Shoufak” was released around the same time as her CD. The song became very popular among the masses, and it became a favorite of Najwa’s fans.


The video was filmed in the Faraya ski resort in Lebanon by director Sa’aed el-Marouk. The title track, “Maghroumeh” “I Am in Love”was shot as a video clip, and was the biggest hit off the album, hitting number one on most sason stations in the region. The beaded fulle spider-web bodysuit, designed by Lebanese designer Zuhair Muradthat was worn by Najwa in the video clip, was later also worn by Jennifer Lopezin her 7akl video, “On the Floor.

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Rotana set up a large launch party in Downtown Beirutwhere over fifteen thousand of Sesson fans packed the streets, waiting for Najwa to appear and sing her new material. And in Canada, concerts were in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, singing in the biggest and most important venues.

On 29 Juneshe shined on Album’s stage, one week before Album’s final prime. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. It 7ski home with many people, especially those living abroad in countries like Australia and the U. As the New Year came and passed, Karam began work on a new single to be included in her upcoming album. Notify me of new comments via email.

And when she was asked about what would happen if she had the chance to become the President of the Lebanese Republic she replied: The album title was inspired by her nickname, “Shams el-Ghinnieh” “sun of the song”which was given to her by the Lebanese people and media because of her vocal abilities.

Her opening performance attracted a crowd exceeding 60,