It makes you want to drop everything and go to the beach or go experience something new, beautiful and pure. I can’t help but wonder if it was for the ‘plot’ or the ‘comedy’. I don’t think that this film was intended to be a deep think-piece. For this movie, no not even close. This seems to have been made by stoners, for stoners. Unlike “Tropic Thunder” , there are no ‘inside jokes’. Though I have to say that Matthew McConaughey did a really good job.

Oh, and Willie Nelson shows up as a goat farmer who smokes lots of doobs of course , and Woody Harrelson pops up from time to time as a, uh, manager of sorts who smokes a lot of doobs of course and is sometimes hard to differentiate from McConaughey if not for the shirt situation and, uh, other actors like Jack’s father on Lost. That’s basically the whole movie. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Both Matthew and Woody show their love for the environment and, when the film ends, I just don’t want to come home from the beach. I didn’t expect much from this movie but I got a lot out of it. Originally Posted by DaBeez.

Because he is a “Surfer dude! I accept emllow statement that the flow of the story is very slow, too. Find what you love and do that.

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Some of the Greatest Movie Phrases: The Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle doesn’t even have a flat spell that long, much less the Pacific ocean with all the groundswells that traverse it.


While this movie started out fine, by the end, I really had no idea why the movie was made. Aside from a few funny lines here and there, this is really not a funny movie. Also, a couple years back I remember hearing Matthew didn’t cooperate and was arrested for being too loud while playing his Bongo drums, smoking cannabis, in the nude, with his buddies.

One example of those is the quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Because it helped me rethink what is important in life and what isn’t. Sign in to vote. You don’t have to spend a penny to see this movie.

That is a no-brainer. A similar phrase I find myself saying is “damaging my calm” ala “She is starting to damage my calm” from Serenity. Our American life has decayed so far out of simplicity that there’s now a whole generation that has no idea what a simple life is like. Take example from Tyler Durdin and “just let go”. My first and foremost priority is; does the movie entertain me? If you want meaning, you can find it anywhere. Originally Posted by FlaGrrrl Harry Met Sally Right now everything is great, everyone is happy, everyone is in love and that is wonderful.

Wait until you’re in the mood for a down to earth flick.

For this movie, check! I downloaded this movie recently as part of an attempt to chart Matthew McConaughey’s movie career.

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With the lack of surf in the screenplay we also suffer the opportunity to even see “actor face imposed” surfing footage in the harsning. It’s scary getting old.


Ironically, this occurs at a time when the ocean stops making waves. As a movie, it’s pretty terrible. You didn’t enjoy the goats?

The morale of this story melllow 2 fold. This is not a movie about surfing, or surfers, but about how the main character thinks surfing is all there is to life, and how he doesn’t want to get involved into anyone’s game, or be anyone’s monkey. From this point on, I am avoiding all McConaughey movies.

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Cancel reply Enter your comment here It will come to you some day, in the TV, when you are back from work, tired and in need of something laid back. The video game and reality show versus the real surfing and life under the sun.

The plot is not multi-layered or anything and the ideas are not explained in detail or in depth. But hey, maybe I just don’t have mellwo laid-back beach bum in me to appreciate something like this.

You saw it when he was challenged to a fight, and refused, or when he was insulted, or his words twisted. And the fact that I get it makes me feel good, about me.

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