Beberapa versi terakhir dari Windows dimulai dari versi 4. Only high-end mobo is acceptable. Note 1 Based on standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory size is less than the stated amount. Feb 26 , A balance has to be made between what you pay for in terms of the system and performance. Terlalu banyak system-crash dibanding pada Windows Vist; 6. P This post has been edited by lex: The board will have overclocking features, so expect to see extreme overclockers go crazy when this board comes out in the months to come.

It is possible to revert to the card’s previous settings, but it involves manual firmware flashing using special tools and an identical but original firmware chip. Support for Xpress Recovery2 7. Jan 2 , Only got Striker II. Its like saying your card has 16 Lanes of highway compared to 4 Lanes Featuring a dynamic contrast ratio of The VP monitor is ready when you are.

There is only one graphic card. Satu-satunya program yang bisa ditambahkan adalah Microsoft Word versi 1.

ECS A785GM-AD3 – Black Series – 1.0 – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM3 – AMD 785G

Terdapat beberapa aplikasi bawaan yang ketika dijalankan sangat rakus resource dan memory sehingga pengolahan file terganggu; 3. Many heatsinks combine two or more materials to achieve a balance between performance seriws cost. The socket is slanted, and surrounded with an unusual mount-hole arrangement for the cooler, which again, could be of Shuttle’s own design.

Jan 9 We will learn more about this basic design from Gigabyte as we get closer to the launch of Intel’s upcoming LGA processors. Prices over here are much cheaper too, if not mistaken. This board performs great, with performance in the a7785gm-m class as other motherboards in this chipset.


MB AM3 ECS Black Series A785GM-AD3 + Proc AMD Phenom II X4 965 – 3,4GHz

Heat Pipes have been used in the cooling of chipsets for several years. In addition, it also comes with a 7. Jan 1 Other cooling methods are forced convection and phase change cooling which is used in refrigerators and can be adapted for computer use. Dec 6 Active Phase Switching allows the motherboard to control power demand depending on the load the computer is under.

Level 2 Mainboard Repair Specialist Group: For this reason, it is often necessary to supplement thermoelectric cooling devices with a convection-based heatsink or a water-cooling system. For example, video cards with 3D accelerators the vast majority of today’s market have two voltage and clock rate settings – one for 2D and one for 3D – but were designed to operate with three voltage stages, the third being somewhere in the middle of the aforementioned two, serving as a fallback when the card overheats or as a middle-stage when going from 2D to 3D operation mode.

Look at all my stars!!

Terjual MB AM3 ECS Black Series AGM-AD3 + Proc AMD Phenom II X4 – 3,4GHz | KASKUS

Disable Q-Fan and see. I’ve already covered a couple of motherboards on this new chipset. However, novice overclockers may make mistakes while overclocking which can introduce avoidable drawbacks and which are more likely to damage the overclocked components as well as other components they might affect. Others overclock outdated components to keep pace with new system requirements, rather than purchasing new hardware.


DDRMHz is a785g-mm when the system is overclocked.

Sep 15 What’s ur budget at first? This post has been edited by sanderz: This board uses a custom form-factor to fit into the company’s bare-bones systems. Jan 8 I think you better come back Malaysia blqck buy. Other benchmarks, such as 3DMark attempt to replicate game conditions.

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Only high-end mobo is acceptable. Added aa785gm-m October 13,7: The socket is powered by an 8-phase DrMOS power circuit. As discussed above, stability and functional correctness may be compromised when overclocking, and meaningful benchmark results depend on correct execution of the benchmark.

What about perfomancee wise? Windows XP relatif hemat resource ketika booting, sehingga lebih stabil dan cepat ketika melakukan booting; 2.

The retailer makes more money by buying lower-value components, overclocking them, and selling a785m-m at prices appropriate to a non-overclocked system at the new clock rate. I’m planning to get this for my new I5 core PC. Sep 26 ,