The story revolves around a bumbling professional hit man, a stock market scamster, a press photographer, a policeman, a psychiatrist, a bell boy, a failed suicide attempt and a chain of hilarious events that go out-of-control when one mistake leads to another and best laid plans go awry. Manisha 8 August, at 3: Mr Celibate meets Miss Virgin. Mere Dad Ki Maruti: Always stay updated via our Emails. Sometimes, you need to step up and spice up your love life, and what better way to do that than to play slightly saucy games with your partner.

These pictures prove Shahid Kapoor is a complete family man. We are flipping the pages of Bollywood history to bring you this movie from the pre-independence era. Kabir Khan reveals the cast of Ranveer Singh starrer This by default sounds like a challenge. The film’s title is as wacky as the story idea. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola: Nitin Mistry 28 November, at 7:

Madhuri Dixit-Nene with Sriram Nene and kids. Your main hint though should be Govinda who is the leading man in this masala mania.

Funny, well-known and simple to act, this one will be a crowd pleaser. No rocket science this is. Sriram Surapuraju 3 July, at Everyone’s favourite game, this one never fails to make your dull party moments, entertaining. Matru ki bijlee ka mandola Darjeeling Diary.

15 Legit (No Kidding) Movie Names You Can Use In The Next Game Of Dumb Charades! –

However, others have words that are really tough to explain and simply fly over our heads. This mids movie has garnered a huge cult following ever since its release. Xamsharas as they say, rest is history, a forgotten one obviously!


Parita 13 August, at 8: Good luck with this one though! There are a few easy ones – Jaws and Jurassic Park to name a few. Juhi Chawla stars in this early s drama. This one has been added by popular demand. The story of a wannabe That makes it a little difficult to get right. More from this section Bollywood divas who met with tragic deaths. Chala Mussaddi Office Office should be added.

This romantic comedy follows the journey of an actor played by Ayushmann Khurrana as he improvises his way through a funny real life drama. Lucky if you heard this one, luckier if you also watched it Still, have a go! And age has never been a bar for playing Dumb Charades! Umar 55 Ki Dil Bachpan Ka, When god showers his blessings on a donkey.

For me, that iconic Shah Rukh Khan wave from behind the head does the trick. Try your luck, until your time to figure out is not up. Shazma Siddiqui 8 October, at 5: Vaibhav 27 August, at 5: A bunch of relatively known films, these are titles that will serve as jovies appetisers, before you dish out your main course of tough names.

Yes, this is a movie name! An action comedy, the Prabhu Deva-directed film has Akshay Kumar playing the tough cop and Sonakshi Sinha as his leading lady. Raushni 7 July, at 2: Here are 15 such amazing titles that must add to your Dumb Charades list. Easy to show a fish and water. After a few bottles down, you’re finally feeling the moviee.


So far, the film’s title ‘Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend’ has made more news than the film itself. Kaxil Naik 27 January, at 3: This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. So these were some of the long titles given to films in the history of Hindi cinema.

15 Legit (No Kidding) Movie Names You Can Use In The Next Game Of Dumb Charades!

That should do it. Cinema is the only source of entertainment that universally binds people. POPxo is now available in six languages: Mmovies shopping for women never looked better.

Rudali is one of the difficult movies to guess,,!! Thanks Ammar you have given some great additions…. Kaxil Naik 30 July, at 2: