She has written loads of articles to help people handle their DVDs, videos and other stuff. Advanced users can also adjust quality to their desired level and set bit rate and other parameters based on their own needs. It might be worth trying a 2 pass encoding or changing the speeds. If the degree of smoothing is low, the bitrate will shoot up in complex scenes. How about x presets? In-depth look at de-noising in Handbrake 0. Hope I got that right! Matt Gadient April 10,

Anonymous February 11, An easy way to see an extreme example of this is to encode a 30 second DVD clip at RF18 which would normally look good , but use something like main profile level 1. Sign up using Email and Password. If all you want is to remove the black bars with no size increments in the resulting file, you can try doing some video crop using MKVToolNix. Here we will show you how to get the best Handbrake video quality. Anonymous January 10, Peyton January 9,

What’re the Best Constant Quality RF Value Settings in HandBrake for DVD, Blu-ray, HD/4K Encoding

I tend to stick to the range, while using slower more intensive processing, anything under 20 feels like overkill to me but I’m unsure how much the other stuff is affecting quality. They actually contribute to the correct contrast and brightness of the entire picture frame.

Advanced users can also adjust quality to their desired level and set bit rate and other parameters based on their own needs. Matt Gadient February 11, Granted I’m also talking about ending up with files with 30, kbps on purpose and then using Handbrake to cut the file size by half. This is because you’ll end up with a video that is larger than the source file but doesn’t look any improvement in quality. Thank you so much for this.

Baillie Follow Forum Posts: A built-in calculator would be amazing. HandBrake is really an amazing program with so many features, but it also gives us various kinds of errors and problems from time to time.


Lower the RF value, higher is the quality. Note that these sizes ONLY apply to this episode of rwy source:. When you use average bitrate, you can estimate the file size via a calculator but lose control over the quality. Not just dealing with telecined content, but interlaced too.

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RF 0 means badly slow encoding while lossless compression. To a lesser extent, variable can also save you from shooting yourself in the foot constnt setting the wrong frame rate. You can skip to: Such smoothing out reduces spatial detail i. Beck February 14, Leave a Comment Cancel reply You can use an alias and fake email.

It’s also a different aspect ahndbrake, making the guesswork even more confusing. How about x presets?

This would have been more helpful if you gave the specs on the original file before encoding i. My results have been mixed, but I’ve run this through videos as short as a minute to videos closer to 2 hours; basically a lot of my videos and tests vary drastically in constabt size, quality needs, etc.

I am trying to make copies of some of my DVDs for use when I’m travelling and most of the DVDs that I’m trying to rip using Handbrake are not scanning some of the titles on the disc.

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You can use an alias and fake email. ViciousReiven Follow Forum Posts: Matt Gadient April 3, What RF value would I choose for this video? Or was it actually shot at 60fps and half the lines in each field simply dropped? Additionally, this fast video transcoder comes with High Quality Engine to help deliver the highest possible quality. RF 19 – 23 is a suggested range. If you are still looking into the RF route, a couple of things that might be worth looking into:.


I have some bluray movies, i just wanted to remove the black bars and want to keep quality intact.

The handbraake in quality brought by the increase in RF is somewhat offset by the quality increase via the higher resolution. Of course, this is just one strategy among the many used. Choosing average bitrate means that you’re telling HandBrake what bitrate you want. Possibly the biggest caveat for you is my primary usage of Handbrake is for rendering videos, not ripping.

Handbrake: How do people calculate RF values?

In truth, it is probably a combination of all of cohstant factors, with the bitrate being the most important. After clicking Start Encode, I see encoding for about 1 second and then Handbrake says Queue Finished with 1 errors or cancellations detected. It will cost you about 4 mins to read through the article. That will crop the black bars in the video file without touching the file size.

Would there of been a difference? Goldeneye January 20, I don’t even handbrake anymore because of the low cost of storage and services like Amazon Drive, I just dump to MKV and leave it.

Kistent Waung HandBrake Resource. I went with 18 because it was the best quality setting of the suggested ranges. If you can’t fix the errors that HandBrake prompts, you might as well download the best HandBrake alternative – VideoProc to have a try.

Only one of those is actually needed, but for the life of me, I can never remember which.