So it’s not original but it could be easily converted. Thanks all, again, Mason. Real small guy, great courage and not afraid of one darn thing. Results 1 to 10 of I have no knowledge of this seller and they may be very honorable and legitimate, but number 3 sometimes has some tell-tales in an auction. The case has wired lugs offsetting the crown and “0” or “24” position to about 2: Or you could gouge the balance wheel with screwdrivers.

A friend of mine in upstate New York is currently refurbishing a B for me, and then posting it back to me in the UK. The B 12 hour Master Navigational Watch was 2, It looks like it has been touched up in the past, so the paint is probably fragile. Anonymous January 22, at 4: Small numbers were also produced for civilian use including for the major airlines I place a higher value on Early Bu. It did not restart after winding so I am interested in possible repair. I called it quits here: This was really well done – thank you!

Working on this watch was a bit hamiltob. I am not positive it wasn’t like that originally but I don’t think so. Mike I hope the text is large enough to read. As if it was designed to be worn as a driver’s or pilot’s watch.

Watch, Navigation, Hamilton 4992B, AN5740

Thank you for your reply. We can not forget Breitling, Waltham, Elgin and Longines and others that escape me this moment. It looks like it has been touched up in the past, so the paint is probably fragile.


Maybe the original was broken or damaged.

Adjusting a Mishandled Hamilton B 16s WWII Military Pocket Watch • Adjusting Vintage Watches

October 17th, 7. Then you could use any old B dial on a B movement with the 12 hour setup. Unknown December 17, at 5: The B is a military-spec watch based off the popular B. Thanks in advance, Mason.

Why are they using this material? I was excited to work on it and expected great results. Anonymous March 16, at 8: Hamilton adjusted them to 6 positions, and they have all the features one would want in a high-grade pocket watch: BTW, the watch stopped today. Also should mention there is no second hand. You can look up sold auctions on eBay and get an idea of what things typically sell for. Nice looking I must admit though. October 17th, 6. If yes, then there your answer.

Antique Hamilton 4992b GCT Military Pocket Watch

Jaeger Le Coultre Horlogerie de Luxe depuis 22 times Olympic games timekeeper, Nasa watch supplier and holder of several world records of precision, Omega has the world’s trust Omega and Rolex for ever Eterna Nothing but Watchmaking since Zenith Swiss Watchmaking and Chronometry champion since It’s bit fuzzy and the only picture I have.

Michael, was this the manual the pictures came hamiilton The baby food bottles hamilto in an ultrasonic cleaner with water in the bath. Would it be unusual to recase a watch?


However, they did still produce some wrist watches using excess movements produced in the ‘s. These b’s were mounted in large metal tub-like cases with internal hamolton mountings to protect the timepiece. The spring cap aka set bridge is definitely missing the tang that covers the minute wheel.

Vintage Hamilton Watch Restoration: WWII B Pocket Watch – Overhaul

Anonymous July 11, at 9: A quick look on the internet and I can find no other dial like the one in your watch I find this explaination somewhat suspect as I can find wtach examples of the upside down orientation anywhere online.

HandyDan December 20, at 6: Please refer to the book – Military Timepieces by Marvin E.

These are phenomenal watches, possibly the nicest pocket watches made by an American company. Mason, I know little but I do know that some early GCT 24 hrs pocket watches were two tone dialed to signify day and evening hours.

I noticed the Spring Cap has been modified so that the new minute wheel would fit. October 17th, 3. The B 12 hour Master Navigational Watch was 2, Hamilton is mostly known for these particular timepieces as they made the most.

Hello Ken, I wztch atatched a picture of the figure I believe.