The chronograph mechanism above the main plate of the Hajime Asaoka Chronograph. Not that he has a history of taking easy, well-trodden paths. With a smile, Asaoka recalls how an engineer at a renowned German watch brand reacted with humorous disbelief after learning of this feat: As always appreciate your sharing of the details behind the purchase. They can then be considered with respect and as serious and honorable fine watches. Grand Seiko — Hi Beat and very special case and dial.

We introduced Hajime Asaoka in our feature article from Baselworld , waxing lyrical about his Project Tourbillon. Frederique Constant Hybrid with new dials. It is awesome to see the development of a new caliber through the posts of an independent; it really is what makes it fun in the modern age. Mark Knopfler with a vintage Heuer Autavia “Siffert”. Meditations on the Audemars Piguet Code A little if that is indeed possible.

The entire chronograph works is visible from the front. Hajime Asaoka’s Tourbillon 1 is an excellent and impressive first foray into manufacture watchmaking, and he just announced his second watch – complete with an amazing 16mm balance wheel.

How this self-taught Japanese watchmaker made tourbillons and chronographs

H10 The Green Room Interviews: Gary, while your watch was in very rare air during its tour around the ahjime it was for me the star of the show. Finally, while the good news is that my Tsunami keeps quite consistent time so far in real-world conditions, the tourbilloon news is that so far the consistent time seems to be about 9 seconds per day fast.

Many thanks to Kondo-san and Hirota-san for the great asoaka. The thing that strikes me most about the review is the point you make about the absence of communication. Most of the flat surfaces are straight-grained in different directions, with a few being flat polished. Now Asaoka, being an independent watchmaker demonstrates he is also able to throw the guantlet with the various tourbillons and his new Project Tsunami.

This is a great bit of information to include with a new chronograph movement as it illustrates the design and engineering thinking that went into the movement as well as the overall attention to detail.

I know how different chronograph mechanisms work, yet this walk-through of the function is so good it seems toutbillon it should accompany every new mechanism and complication that any brand introduces. This year, we caught up with the taciturn watchmaker and present here his latest creation.


At his booth in Baselworldhe spent more time staring at his phone, probably playing games, than actively promoting and showing his new creation. We thought Asaoka-san showed great promise in our article on his watch which we published last year. I love this watch, and I am tempted to order one myself.

Sakurai in the mix — and from my experience with other independents I have to say that the level of communication does vary quite a bit across the set! Pin It on Pinterest. Asaoka wanted to place the chronograph mechanism on the dial side, less common as chronograph movements go, in an attempt to highlight its mechanics.

Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Power reserve is also a very regular 40 hours. The thinner dial fillet in the middle help alleviate the thickness. The close similarity with Asaoka makes me a bit afraid that the approach could be to take parts from companies of the group and put the Citizen logo on the dial….

Review: Hajime Asaoka Project Tsunami

This is the story of a daily-wear watch: The rear of the movement is fantastically simple, with the balance wheel presented under a fantastic tri-lobe bridge standing proudly from the back plate. Mark Knopfler with a vintage Heuer Autavia “Siffert”.

To increase stability, the number of parts was reduced — for instance, the component that holds the tourbillon was machined from a single piece of metal. Handmade buckle, Tsunami by Wtach Asaoka.

The dial is open worked to show case the beautifully shaped chronograph works. As an aside, it seems that if the running seconds drives the chronograph mechanism, having a running seconds display is only logical and represents a missed opportunity for the historical inspiration.

Circular graining perlage is visible on the main plate.

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At 37 mm in diameter and with a moderately wide bezel and black and grey dial, it can seem a bit small when strapped on immediately after waatch a considerably larger piece, but that sensation quickly passes. Gary, As always, excellent article. Today we go hands-on with Asaoka’s 1 Tourbillon, the tourbkllon first high-end manufacture tourbillon to come out of Japan.


The case, dial and hands The case remains rather petite, and reflective of what is popular in Japan. Asaoka favors round polished bevels instead of angled, giving the mechanism a much more vintage look.

Review: Hajime Asaoka Project Tsunami –

Thank you for this great discovery. I also consulted the article written by another friend, Ken Hokugo linked here. The Asaoka chronograph is a limited edition of only three pieces, though in a discussion we had with Hajime, he hinted that he may increase the number of pieces depending on demand. The Venusdeveloped in the s was probably the first to feature this.

Happily, the current performance of the watch is still within my benchmark hajimr of being able to set a watch precisely on Monday morning and having it indicate within one minute of the correct time when I take it off on Friday evening.

Review: Hajime Asaoka Chronograph –

The watch itself is 42mm and cased in stainless steel – sidenote: The Asaoka Chronograph is both an evolution of the Tsunami and a reaction to historic chronographs and some issues they had. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. JPY 3 million approx. In terms of the watch itself, I would have preferred solid external surfaces on the lugs to the pierced lugs that it actually has; this is one consequence of Asaoka making his own cases, but I might humbly suggest that going forward he consider developing the capability for internal drilling of the spring bar holes.

Striking, but not for me: That is why many manufacturers tend to stay with tried and true movements instead of creating their own.