Takuma tries to take Hinata to see Hayami, but when they get to the bridge, Hinata kisses Takuma as Hayami looks on. He takes the bell to school, but does not know that there is a tradition in the village for a guy to give a bell to a girl he likes before the summer festival, which causes a few misunderstandings. Prelude containing arranged versions of “H 2 O” and “Tomorrow”, was released on December 21, Two pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and one ending theme. Footprints in the Sand Full episodes streaming About the Show. There are three main plot lines that the player will have the chance to experience, one for each of the heroines in the story. Dec 15, H2O:

Hayami, Hinata, and Otoha. See more ideas about The sand, Footprints and Beaches. Hayami, Hinata, and Otoha. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links. Takuma goes to ask Hamaji about what happened between Hinata and Hayami, and he tells him the whole story. Takuma Hirose, a blind junior-high school student, moves from the city to a rural area to live with his uncle to help relieve him of his blindness. Takuma, Hinata, Yui, Hamaji, and Maki go to the beach together to have fun, but before long Hamaji’s younger sister Yukiji shows up and tries to take Hamaji back home.

Footprints in the Sand Subbed Episodes. The story consists primarily of footprnts first two parts, which are a flashback from the protagonist’s point of view. Footprints in the Sand Episode 1 english subbed in high quality. Hayami decides to leave the village, but is stopped by the village elder and two others, who intend to kill her. Hayami accepts him and they kiss in the moonlight.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After Takuma and Hayami become a couple, Takuma starts getting hounded by his friends at school for the details for the summer festival.

These images are rather bizarre, one such image containing a black and white photograph of a toy horse head with red “blood” splattered around the edge of the image. Footprints in the Sand Episode 1 English Sub, watch anime, anime online, free anime, english anime, anime sub, naruto, anime movies, anime streaming, one However, there is an option to hide the text in order to see the background without obstruction.

The story is broken into three parts: After the events of the previous night, Hinata comes to meet Takuma so they can walk to school together, but on the way they run into Hayami who had been waiting for Takuma.


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Footprints in the Sand Episode 1-Takuma Season 1 English Sub-Takuma Hirose is a blind young male high school student, though the cause for his blindness is. Within this flashback are around fifty smaller flashbacks from the past of the protagonist and the girls’.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hayami goes to look for her alone since she knows the mountain area well, and the two meet up at the ruins of Hayami’s former home. A Rainbow of Smiles Doki Doki!

Footprints in the Sand full episodes online English sub. Takuma goes to see Hinata at her home and drags her over to when Hayami lives across the bridge. Footprints in the Sand Episode 11 English Subbed in high quality. Takuma is shown around town by Hinata and two of her friends, and while out they come across a suspension bridge. Takuma is told that a monster lives on the other side and that he should never cross the bridge. Takuma Hirose, a blind young male high school student, though the cause for his.

Several music albums have also been released. Hayami, Hinata, and Otoha.

Footprints in the Sand. In contrast geoh visual novel adventure games where the text appears near the bottom of the screen leaving the rest of the window open for viewing the game’s visual content, the text in H 2 O appears over the entire screen in a shaded, but otherwise transparent box. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links.

Otoha uses her spiritual powers to have Takuma experience a very strange world that contains the footprintx people in the same place, but they have all changed dramatically.

This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat If — Fortune Arterial: Hotaru does not want to do this anymore, but her grandfather gets very angry at her for trying to revert to being Hotaru again after so many years.

Anime and Manga portal. After the events of the beach trip, Hayami starts to ignore Takuma at school, and Fooprints continuously presses Takuma to come along with her.

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Footprints in the Sand was released as an adult game for the PC on June 23, ; an artbook came bundled with the game. Takuma and Hayami are told by Hotaru’s grandfather that it was Hayami’s family that drove Takuma’s mother to suicide, which is later confirmed by Takuma’s uncle.


References [ edit ]. Two more theme songs used in the game were “Dream” and “Footprints in the Sand”, also both sung by Monet.

The Visual Novel was produced by Makura, with the animated adapatation put together by studio Zexcs in Hayami comes to the beach to ask Takuma about his true feelings, but they get interrupted by Hinata. Following after Takuma, Hotaru arrives with the police tge arrest her grandfather and his supporters.

Hinata continues to hang out with Hayami and still wants to be friends with her, but the other members of the class are a bit uneasy about the whole situation since Hinata complicates things with her being a member of the Kagura family.

However, a flashback is shown that explains that Hinata was a daughter to an important class of the village while Hayami was a commoner and Hinata’s Grandfather objected to their friendship. Root After and Another.

Most notably, the video contains an English narration, a rarity for Japanese trailers. As Takuma interacts with these girls, his medical condition gradually begins to heal and he fully recovers.

Retrieved from ” https: When Yukiji is confronted by the others about Takuma, she runs away and swims in the sea, but when her leg cramps, it is Takuma who attempts footrpints save her, though he nearly drowns himself. This is a list of episodes of the Japanese anime H 2 Footprihts Footprints in the Sand.

Footprints in the Sand Episode 2-Hayami Season 1 English Sub-Takuma Hirose is a blind young male high school student, though the cause for his blindness is. Takuma wakes up, having lost his vision, due to his refusal to forgive and forget, learning that he might never able to see again. Archived from the original on Takuma Hirose, a blind young male high school student, though the cause for his Episodes [ footprits ] Title Original air date 01 “Takuma” Transcription: WindowsPlayStation 2.