When I grow up I’m going to Bovine University. There was almost no reason for that debate on the O’Reilly Factor since they didn’t do much to poke fun about the show itself, it could have just been any general political debate show and the jokes would have stayed the same. All times are GMT That was a great episode, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Loved it again, funny as hell and what a south park episdoe should be. So I have one question:

Unfamiliar with his surroundings, he is hit lightly by a car. One man suggests everyone start stripping and engaging in a gay orgy ; Weathers likes the idea, as it is the only way to stop the immigrants from coming because homosexual couples cannot spawn offspring. Early in the morning, a mysterious man appears in South Park, entering from some kind of portal. And I laughed everytime anyone said it. Always laughed at the “they took our jobs! Great season so far. Addison Posts 1, eh dook uhr jahbs!! I still liked the episode despite a lot of the other mediocre reviews it’s getting.

The CNN broadcasts were a nice touch to the episode too, and the huge orgy at the end is another example of onlibe South Park randomness. Obviously they were trying to show the negatives and positives of immigrants getting jobs in the US.

Soon enough, large numbers of immigrants begin to come through the epusode. Simple and effectivd with good old fashioned South Park-style satire: It seemed kind of And the humor was inconsistant too, particularly overplaying the “they took our jourbs! It barely even felt like the 4 boys were in the episode. Last edited by pat; at Unfunny but nicely satirical – I find humor more important on SP, so a C.


Goobxcks in the morning, a mysterious man appears in South Park, entering from some kind of portal. I think you look for a little too much in a fucking south park episode.

Contrary to what others said, I thought the humor was mostly pretty good, but the satire was honestly somewhat lousy and didn’t make its points very well.

Goobacks Users Browsing this Thread: In the words of Stan, “Dude, that’s pretty fucked up right here. The future people are described by CNN as “a hairless, eposode mix of all races ” with the same skin colorwhile their language is a guttural mixture of all world languages; also, the immigrants are referred to as “Goobacks” due onnline having some kind of goo attached to them after exiting the portal.

Addison Posts 1, eh dook uhr jahbs!!

Originally Posted by nate. Loved it again, funny as hell and what a south park episdoe should be. Results 1 to 30 of Retrieved April 25, The ending sorta petered out for me, a la a Scully-era OFF ep, but, other than that, pretty good.

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Eh, not too great. When the boys try to earn some extra money, the time-traveling immigrants are willing to do the same work for next to nothing, causing the boys to lose their jobs. When the boys try to earn some extra money, the time immigrants, who are willing to episose the same work for next to nothing, take their jobs. Although the townspeople’s efforts are successful and the Goobacks begin to fade away, goobaxks boys observe that the work is “gayer than all the men goobackz in a big pile and having sex with each goobacsk, and with an exclamation of “We’re sorry, back in the pile!


All times are GMT Later at that meeting, Weathers has the audience suggest ideas for stopping the immigrants from arriving at the town. I’ve just described to you the Loch Ness Monster.

As well as the O’Reilly Factor bit. Gave it another viewing, lowered it to an A. This was not a great way to end the first half of this season.

The orgy had me laughing my ass off. The protesters agree and begin the orgy.

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Number One, what’s today? It wasn’t funny and just disturbing. Randy is interviewed by CNN while still naked. This just wasn’t an interesting episode for me.

Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes TV. The orgy at the end was stupid, with the exception of them using it as an alternative. Meanwhile, E;isode father Randy – despite initially being sympathetic to the Goobacks – loses his job to a Gooback and becomes the spokesperson of the protesters. Great season so far.