The beauty of a message board is that it’s all right here. I hear this is the list of sites being targetted. Google , the last post on this topic is over 30 days old and a new post will be considered as necrobumping! That plan went right out the damn window a few hours ago. Worry about what YOU buy, not what other people buy. Yeah, I’m referring to the official release. Someone round here got 25 of them to do that same thing so Originally Posted by Jattfusion.

Thanks to Night for the animated Sakura signature. But this was different. They have a reputation to strive for and they’re upholding it quite well. For example Fairy Tail is currently readable for free over there. Stop highlighting my sig. I actually really liked that hair color, which I know is a very unpopular opinion, but I’m full of those!

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Seems like the recent releases have slowly ventured away from any shading details to favor of more “solid” coloring i. Several functions may not work. How the fuk can you guys watch stuff from animeultima god damn the quality is chit.

He certainly has one of the more wowing and fluctuating careers in wpisode hollywood. He is joking btw, your so Gullible. Spoiler tags please, Shonen.

11 Best anime images | Online art, Amagi brilliant park, Asuna

I thought it was over already. Don’t tell me to be patient dude: Damn, that doesn’t seem like a bad price in comparison to some of those listings.


I’ve said before he has the best development of any character in the series. Random House, to my knowledge, is just a publishing company, so them having the rights to various manga isn’t that shocking. This image is also in the Dragon Ball “Art of Toriyama” artbook I’ll grab my copy later on to verify. My spirit golren not lost.

Exactly what I wanted to see, more Karen being cheeky, Alice loving Shinobu, Ayaya and Yoko romance, sensei, everything. Saber Striker the Thunderclap Tiger Number I loved civilian Vegeta.

Originally Posted by Cynic No, I can fully agree with this. Lol, or maybe you already knew this info before it was posted.

This is another site being used by a lot of people here now, http: He wears specific kanji everytime he fights up until the android saga. I’ll stop arguing if that’s how you truly feel We accept your apology.

Kinda obvious the cell arc is the most popular. I already have him, so screw you guys demanding a re-release: Figuarts Action Figure http: Originally Posted by rubinkazan. With that kind of customer goldem, wouldn’t that make you peeved as well?

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And in terms of “indisputable” it’s all subjective, because there’s nothing indisputable that you can give me arguing for the case of figuarts or let’s be realistic in stating that you already would have rather than all of this extra-curricular bs that is still ongoing. They’re loose canons at this point. I appreciate that perspective.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Somebody please outbid me! Heraldry – January TJ Duckett asked the group a few questions awhile back that nobody has answered. Emerald should start Jan. Blackwings – July I wouldn’t trust my kid with a Figuart since he’d probably choke on the small parts or just abuse the crap out of it. I collect toys; not sports cars, gold coins, or anything else Just cuz YOU aren’t a fan of it doesn’t mean you have to say it shouldn’t be released.


Japan to Start Anti-Anime/Manga Piracy Operation

Originally Posted by Bleachway. Unlock your inner Z fighter But Jaco is whack and I’m right and he’s wrong. It’s an inside joke, he’ll def let you in after getting a good laugh. Can’t epispde for it to expand. Crunchy Roll’s manga is readable by free users, but only the most recent chapter. Tamashii is completely unpredictable to the point of almost coming off whimsical. I just think of it as a simple naime4fun by another narrator. FiguArts Dragonball Z figures!!!

That shouldn’t be an applicable excuse. However, for recompense for your dishonesty, you’re obligated to sell us one of your figuarts at retail price and take a day time out from the internet. Yeap nothing like I’ve told u guys lol.