Season 1, Episode 5 This episode contain few sequences where Captain Dillan remembers a game of Go played with his first officer and friend, the Nietzchian Rhade. I examined the board and couldn’t make sense of it as a Weiqi game, but perhaps it’s meant to represent a variant. The characters are colour-coded black or other dark shades for the Chinese, white for the Japanese. It is a story of romance, arranged marriages and family life in post-war Tokyo. Currently working on providing the community with a better quality rip. After serving his seven-year sentence, Tae-Seok gets in touch with his brother’s former associate Tricks, hermit and blind master player Jesus and skillful junkyard owner Mok-Su, and begins formulating a plan to get back at Sal-Soo and his men. Too bad it is almost unavailable. Korean film about three young friends.

Using a miglia tv tuner on my g4 mac to encode this. Tou qing bao jian Year: In the quiet recluse of his school, there are no politics, only the singular dedication to his art and the love for his wife Kazuko Ayumi Ito. Wu Qingyuan Sylvia Chang This page was last edited on 25 May , at The only move that I saw seemed rather odd, and in one snapshot you can count 22 vertical lines on the board A Japanese Go master and a very strong Chinese prodigy play a game in China. By contrast, he is working with the producers of the new movie being made now

The movie takes place in a palace during the Sung Dynasty period c. Best Mainland Chinese Movies. It sketches the relationships between go players in Japan and China and so in part at least you must have been the model.

The movie tells the life story of one of gp greatest Go players of all time: This film was the first co-production between Japan and China, which was a revolution in international relations.

Tou qing bao jian Year: Genji then enters to have his way with Fujitsubo. The stones fly like snow flakes. Zatoichi leaves and the Oyabun and the adviser exchange some words.

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This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Wed Mar 09, The life of Go Seigen Wu Qingyuanproduced in China, was on international release in Autumn and shown at various film festivals, and is available on DVD with English subtitles minutes. The disillusioned general of an ancient Chinese army regiment finds himself seigeh in a village populated by a strange clan with mystical connections to wolves. Gp the moves are played very elegantly as he fans himself.


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Mikan no Taikyoku

Despite this, the film ends nostalgically in the golden room of Go. The characters are colour-coded black or other dark shades for the Chinese, white for the Japanese. However it isn’t really about Go. This is to illustrate the mean behaviour of the wife.

The film starts with modern-day footage of Sfigen Seigen and his family in a garden discussing how the monkeys steal seigenn persimmon fruit. See snapshots – Kwaidan Kaidan fo Masaki Kobayashi – Imdb entry In this the first of the four distinct stories of this famous japanese ghost film, a lord’s wife leaves the go game she was playing, saying that she’s getting bored of always playing the same game in fact she seems to be bored by her whole life.

It also appears that the boards are too small, by my count they are 8×8 if counting the squares, not the intersections with a row of smaller squares at each end. They play on a row of metre high Go tables with over- sized grey boards, the biconvex stones held in metal stands, the moves called out by the players as the Go master playing them all is blind.

When he happened to come to Tokyo recently, we met. Secondly it is about the ancient board game Go. In the restaurant scenes the old master cook and his friend are seated at a table with a goban and wooden bowls in it. The story of Mlvie, a horse thief, who is thrown out of his tribe in an effort to purge it of evil. Nothing really too big or important, but I found it interesting.

The movies seems to have two scenes in which Go game can be noticed. Final size for multi-pass encode is to be around 2. That film was also shown overseas and a Taiwanese police chief saw it and took it for granted that I had died. Meanwhile, Yoshiko’s daughter Sachiko, believes that she is followed around everywhere by mogie giant version of herself, and she searches for ways to rid herself of it. No Go board can be seen, but two protagonists talk about continuing a series of games of Go.


This film features a homicide detective looking a criminal. Video itself is shaky from vhs tape. Somewhere in the film you see a Go board. Both sheath their swords, and the conversation continues. This site uses seigne. A shattered ceramic bowl filled with Go stones inspires his “low temperature pottery bomb”. In another two men sigen seated on the floor playing and placing the stone very elegantly. Kenji Misumi, Nakadai Tatsuya Cast: The dojo was unique: The movie tells four horror stories from Japanese legends; the Go is believed to be in the first: It couldn’t be more true.

A Life in Four Chapters Year: Because of Ozu’s famous “tatami-camera” style, the seien cannot be seen, though. On the plus side, it appears that there are an equal number of black and white stones on most of the boards shown. Wed Mar 09, 2: Tue Mar 08, 6: The director’s comments suggest that he regretted cutting the scene, but it seige some introductory material in the film to be “disproportionately long”.

Go Seigen needs no introduction as one of the top players of the last century.

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At 38 minutes in, Yoshiryu enters a amateur tournament and we see scenes of this in progress in the ground floor rooms of the Nihon Ki-in in Ichigaya. This movie could be about any kind ggo sport, or any kind of story about a men who faces great adversity with greater passion.

He plucks hair from the armpits of a young mvie which causes her to kick a bowl of stones off the goban and the white stones spill all over the floor as the white ceramic bowl breaks; this inspires his “low temperature pottery bomb”. The scene opens in silhouette and then moves seigeh so we can see the goban and the position clearly. The sub-director grabs the sides to stop it, revealing the Goban having three carved symbols on the side and the director removing his hands from the legs.