To cover up their mistake they try to find a replacement for it. When Sachan and Tsukuyo argue about their reasons to fight, Elizabeth and Sadaharu join forces to attack Diamond. She is sad that Santa Claus never visited her. Disappointed about hearing this, Shinpachi recalls a memory from an influenza infected all his friends. He finds Tsukuyo who accidentally destroys Tae’s ranking, making her decide to stop her quest. After a quite well paid job, waiting for the elevator, the three Yorozuya are deciding to go out and eat Korean BBQ. Rappa Momochi voice Takehito Koyasu Much to his discouragement, Hijikata discovers Mayorin is a common factory when imagined it would be a magical place.

Tsukuyo falls into the hands of Jiraia, her former master, and is held captive. They escape from the organization and investigate another one whose members have tattoos of spider in their bodies. Young Zenzo voice Eriko Matsui If only one member of a team gives up, the whole team’ll disqualified. Shinpachi draws Drummer Kiyoshi card, unfortunately Kim and Kiyoshi seem to have had a bad fight over who ate a pizza. Glasses Shopkeeper voice Keiji Fujiwara Gintoki and Tsukuyo infiltrate the Benigumoto, the Red Spiders, to get a lead on the man with the tattooed spider on his neck, but are discovered and quickly surrounded. After running as fast as he can, Shinpachi finally reaches the crowd racing in front of him, but all of a sudden they form a Genbu wall to prevent Shinpachi from passing through.

So they ask Gintoki to help out, when they notice that he mysteriously disappeared. Clueless about what to do, the three Yorozuya bring her to Gengai, who specializes in machines.

Acting as a married thugs couple, Gintoki and Tsukuyo infiltrate into a group of thieves but they later discover that they only want to steal kamaboko.


Instead, he goes to another hive to find a replacement for the queen but accidentally kills her. The first thing they find, is a man in a bodysuit, dying and asking them to deliver a message to the Leukocyte King.

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Ninja Village

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. While the faction prepares to kill Okita, he and Kagura escape from them with the prior pretending he needs episoeds go the bathroom and the latter attacking the group with her vomit.

First are The Tsusengumi. After one of them makes a call, somehow Gin, Kagura, Shinpachi and Hasegawa end up in a boat in the middle of the ocean, fishing for some tuna. When Okita becomes exhausted, the Shinsengumi, Gintoki and Shinpachi defeat all the remaining members from the faction. I think it is Episode 67 Season 2.

After this incident their first stop is at the Leukocyte Kingdom. Eventually, zeno customers’ identities are revealed and no one is as they seem. Retrieved October 8, Together with Gintoki Madao decides to try one last time, betting on the horse Justaway.

The yakuza bees threaten Odd Jobs to conquer the Earth, and Gintoki tells them he zrnzo revive the queen. Start your free trial. Tsukuyo instead allies with the girls, making all their rank be ninth and name themselves Diamond Perform Unit. Shinpachi’s and Gintoki’s fear of losing, causes them to carry Taka-chin to the TV station instead of taking him to a hospital. Sogo Okita voice Satoshi Hino Sign up using Facebook.


The episodes can also be watched for free a week after release. Gintoki Sakata voice Daisuke Sakaguchi Glasses Are Part of the Soul 09 Zemzo 8.

All three are “freelancers” who search for work in order gintaam pay the monthly rent, which usually goes unpaid anyway. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Hearing this, they dash into the office and it happens that the members of the new Yorozuya are the predecessor of Kagura and Shinpachi.

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In a job interviewHasegawa meets Daigoro’s father who now wants to return with his family and is gintaama applying for the same job. As Gintoki and the others arrive at the location the contest’ll start, they find themselves in the middle of Otaku who’ll all participate as well. Later, women from Yoshiwara take Gintoki to room where he finds Tsukuyo working as a courtesan. Cat 3 He now possesses within his body Antenmaru, a demon sealed away over a millennium ago by the desperate episoces of the Ketsuno and Shirino clans.

When Tama comes back, she is pixelated and her condition got worse.

A group of monks hire Odd Jobs to get rid of a giant alien beehive that appeared in their temple.