The Earth forces protect the Star Rose as it approaches the gate, forcing the Wulgaru to launch a desperate attack to stop it. Pushed to the limit against Jiart, Izuru is about to get his mind overcome by his instincts until his friends call for him, allowing him to wake up and unlock the true power of his mecha. A new recruit, Ange Kuroki, joins the ranks of Team Rabbits. Team Rabbits learn from Teoria that mankind is one among several races created by the Wulgaru to serve as their prey in order to strengthen their species. With his unit severely damaged, Izuru must stay behind while the rest of Team Rabbits is dispatched to assist Team Doberman once more, but little they know that the Wulgaru’s attack is just a distraction for one of them to gain access to the Earth’s systems and obtain secret info regarding the MJP Project. Nagareboshi Gin Ghost in the Shell:

Retrieved March 25, As the group pack their things to leave the school for good, they think about their time there. However, unlike their fellow cadets, they are chosen to stay behind during the execution of the operation to take down the Wulgaru warp gate, much to their dismay, unaware that there was a special reason for it. A new recruit, Ange Kuroki, joins the ranks of Team Rabbits. That is, of course, provided they can start getting along with each other. Taking a break from battles, Team Rabbits has some free time to spend, except for Tamaki and Kei who take part in several PR events by request of the military. The members of Team Rabbits make a beeline to the Wulgaru’s dimensional gate in an attempt to destroy it and stop the invasion, but another enemy commander stays in their way and Tamaki confronts her by herself to avenge her friend from Team Doberman.

Team Rabbits and Episoce Doberman join forces in a covert operation to destroy an enemy base. Despite having the upper hand, the Wulgaru retreat, leaving heavy casualties on Earth’s side. Eepisode April 4, As both the Earth and Wulgaru forces make preparations for their final battle, Izuru refuses to stay behind despite his condition and is allowed to remain on standby at the Godinion. The first chapter of the Majestic Prince manga, written by Rando Ayamine and illustrated by Hikaru Niijima, was first published in Shogakukan ‘s Monthly Hero’s magazine on November 1, [32] and ended on March 1, When the UPI consider their mission accomplished, Rabbits team leader Izuru notices there are elisode civilians left on the base and with no vessels available to evacuate them, Izuru and the Rabbits fight off the Wulgaru kikoytai until the latter retreats.


This is a story about one of the teenage “Princes”, Hitachi Izuruwho studies in an academic city Grandzehleand his four companions as they begin their battle against the unknown enemy.

As Team Rabbits try to fight off the squadron, Rin overrides Komine’s intentions and orders a retreat. Team Rabbits undergoes physical checkups and is given their next mission: However, the Wulgaru launch a surprise attack, and Team Rabbits’ mecha units are not prepared to defend them.

The second ending returns for episodesand Pressuring Rin for answers, Asagi learns from her the secret behind the MJP project and the truth behind his and Izuru’s origins.

Meanwhile, Teoria decides to join the battle as well, piloting her own unit to defend mankind against her own race. Teams Rabbits and Doberman are dispatched to assist in the counterattack, but Izuru is forced to leave his friends’ side and confront Prince Jiart in a duel, struggling to hold himself against his overwhelming power.

A new recruit, Ange Kuroki, joins the ranks of Team Rabbits.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince E 22 [English Sub]

Retrieved July 22, Their next mission is to install transmission satellites in space, but they also have to show off to their sponsors who ignga plastered their slogans all over their mecha. MechaScience fiction. Instead of waiting for Izuru, Jiart joins the battle and blocks Team Rabbits’ escape route, forcing Izuru to sortie. Following his clash with Jiart, Izuru awakens at the hospital, and his companions find that he is behaving differently from usual.

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Seven ArcsOrange. Asagi is asked by Izuru’s pit crew to perform some tests on his unit, and manages to activate it, which was not supposed to be possible by anyone except Izuru himself. The Earth prepares for an attack on a base near Planet Ceres. Although they don’t have the numbers as the Earth forces, they are extremely fast and fierce. Retrieved April 5, However, Jiart appears to resume his duel with Izuru, who pushes the capabilities of his unit to the limit with Teoria’s words engraved into his heart.

However, the bomb is damaged during the infiltration and Ataru must work quickly to fix it while his companions risk their engljsh to protect him. You need to login to do this. Works by Doga Kobo. Once the enemy is defeated, all hope seems lost when their plan to bring down the gate ends in failure.


Meanwhile, in a mock combat, the Military Junior Pre-Academy MJP ‘s Team Rabbits perform miserably as usual, getting the worst grades once again and regularly bickering among themselves.

CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja Use mdy dates from September Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links. Soon after, he has another encounter with the mysterious girl, and much to their surprise, Team Rabbits is informed that she is a Wulgaru who had warned mankind of the attack from their race, and their mecha were created using Wulgaru technology obtained from her.

They also give a final demonstration in front of their classmates. Umaru-chan R Zoku Touken Ranbu: However, at the mission, they discover the supply route is a reconnaissance squadron. Wings to the Future With the heavy losses suffered by the UPI, the evacuation of the base is englishh.

Tensions grow taut as the pilots and crew brew over their last skirmish.

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Retrieved September 30, An Angel Flew Down to Me dnglish Retrieved from ” https: Team Doberman arrives so that the Team Rabbits can return. Back at the Wulgaru’s base, another commander learns of Teoria’s betrayal and Jiart resorts to extreme measures to silence him.

The anime was rebroadcast from July to Septembertwo episodes per week in a special programming block titled “Majestic Hour”.

After successive failed attempts in destroying the dimensional gate, Commander Simon decides to ram the Star Rose into it in a last desperate move to stop the invasion. Taking a break from battles, Team Rabbits has some free time to spend, except for Tamaki and Kei who take rpince in several PR events by request of the military.

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