There is also mystery and intrigue. They have the rights and have had them for some time, but haven’t done anything with them yet, maybe. I’d love to see Liam Neeson and Colin Firth as her two most influential publishers: May be the copyright holders do not want the films because of commercial issues. Feb 25, I would love to see Venetia on tv.

They would ask me what actors I saw in the roles. For some reason I thought it had been and was very disappointed to find out it hadn’t. I would love to see Sylvester, Devil’s Cub or a Convenient Marriage transformed in a movie or mini series. My petition is already over names from all over the world, and in the meantime I just keep rereading her wonderful books. But if they could get the rights and a screenwriter talented enough to portray her wit and sarcasm on the screen correctly, I would love to see those movies! I was going to post a thread on this but the idea of Heyer period dramas didn’t seem very popular here so I desisted. RA can do no wrong.

I’m not saying this to be cruel, but it’s a legal issue.

Georgette Heyer Movie: The Grand Sophy Film That’s in the Make

Thanks for keeping this conversation going: May be the copyright holders do not want the films because of commercial issues. Yep, here we go: I wonder if the expense would be too much, with all the costumes and such, although surely they could do what the Jane Austen films do and recycle a few every so often!

JaneGS Moviee 3, at It would be one thing if the Heyer estate refused to let go of them, but buying all the rights and then doing nothing with them doesn’t make sense.

Wake up everybody, Heyer’s novels are ready-made scripts just waiting for adaptation to film by a clever and wealthy film producer!!! My nominee for the first one: I don’t think it’s hard georgethe get rights for, say, Pride and Prejudice or North and South, since those are in the public domain I guess that means that it could be a series of films?


Janeheiress March 24, at Flat as the plot was, I’d hardly identify it as a Jane Austen novel if I’d didn’t know it before. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Why are some myths so persistent? I’d be there with bells jeyer to watch any Heyer adaptation, even if it meant flying to England to do it. She’s beautiful like Julia and I think she could play the part of the narcissistic, over-romantic ‘third party in the geprgette really well.

MY BOOK, THE MOVIE: Jennifer Kloester’s “Georgette Heyer”

The person taking this on would have to have a good sense of humour and respect for the detail that Heyer did – it isn’t just a matter of copying the dialogue in my opinion this can be the downfall of the BBC at time.

No film agency will make heavy investment if the audience is so less. Maybe write a letter? I’m not sure which ones would translate well hdyer film. I can’t read it without seeing a younger Hugh Laurie as Freddy, because of his wonderful Bertie Wooster.

It hadnt occurred to me before but Jane Austen is all over TV and film like a geirgette It may be kind of hard to get all her witty dialogue into film and that’s what works for me. Invite People Members Polls. Well I wish they would do something with those rights already!

Her tales are soooooooooo captivating. I love them all! They’re ridiculously good and they’ll make you tons of money. Feb 14, Ten years of research produced a PhD and two books: Anonymous October 10, at Jun 20, May 10, 1 I hope this answers your questions. No, wait, he’d steal the show I would love to see Venetia on tv.

The Jane Austen Film Club: Georgette Heyer- Will the BBC or ITV take her on?

I disagree with many who think her Regency novels are out of date. Learn more about the book and author at Jennifer Kloester’s website and hejer. Scuttlebutt has it that at least one of her books had film rights granted but no film has ever been made since the s. It’s the witty dialogue that really makes her book sparkle and it could be very difficult for them to translate it to film.


But generally period productions don’t disappoint me at least: Imagine Deb in her plumes and coqulicot ribbons and grass-green stripes and garnets when she sets out to put Lord Mablethorpe off. The Masqueraders I adore Prudence! Jun 19, I’ve always had this vision for a TV series of Heyer’s brilliant novel, A Civil Contractin which Geoffrey Rush would play the heroine’s super-wealthy but vulgar father, Jonathan Chawleigh.

I think if it is known what a large audience there already is Rhonda December 11, at Georgeette September 23, at 8: I’ve read somewhere that when GH saw The Reluctant Widow georhette she made a decision to not let her other books turn into movies. This film has nothing in common with the novel of Heyer – except the names of the protagonists: I will also publish on this blog for now when the count hits a decent number. Pam Mingle March 24, at By the way, we have almost signatures on the petition for a Heyer film.

One thing I would not like to see, is them make a long and dreary, drawn out romance of these books – they are witty and fast moving and have excellent and clever characters.