Justin gets in to it. Tsubasa Yonaga as Rufus Lohr. Noriko Izumo Sound Mixing: The Complete Four-Panel Comics. Randy Pearlman as Lavian. Day 1 Apr 23,

Todd Haberkorn as Natsu Dragneel. Alessia Corona as Asuka Connell Wendy young. Yu-Ri Seo as Lucy Heartfilia. February Feb 26, Mark Fickert as Jackpot Klodoa. Duncan Brannan as Sugarboy Sugarboy Earthland.

Cherami Leigh as Lucy Heartfilia. Angela Brusa as Evergreen.

Jeong-Min Sim as Laxus Dreyer. Dario Oppido as Hoteye Kawazu.

Carlo Marini as Roubaul. Rieke Werner as Lyra.

Yasuyuki Kase as Dan Straight Simon. Loris Loddi as Thibault. Kira Vincent-Davis as Ur. Raffaele Palmieri as Bora.

Fairy Tail (TV)

Joy Saltarelli as Wendy Marvell. Uli Krohm as Everlue eps Part II Mar 25, Arnaud Laurent as Natsu Dragion. Esra Vural as Cana Alberona. Animsflavor a distant future, the Galactic Alliance of Humankind episdoe long been at war with an alien race known as the Hideauze, large creatures which can survive in space and use organically-based technology and whom the Alliance sees as obstructing humanity’s necessary expansion. Ryoko Ono as Mirajane Strauss. Sarah Madeleine Tusk as Plue. Fanny Bloc as Happy.


Yuya Uchida as Samuel. Guido Micheli Paola Majano Dialogues: Alessio De Filippis as Loki.

Gakuen Alice Episode 18 Discussion – Forums –

Free Anime in Australia: Makoto Ishiwata Takeshi Takakura. David Chevalier as Vanish Brother younger one. Shelf Life – Bloody Sunday Apr 2, Ikumi Hayama as Lucky Ollietta. Satomi Koorogi as Frosch. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Fabian Kluckert as Jet. Davide Marzi as Vanish Brother older one Zalty. Japanese Comic Ranking, October Oct 25, Devin Pike as Semus.

Lindsay Seidel as Romeo 2nd voice. Sarah Alles as Carla.

October Oct 9, On Ledo’s end Chamber is also a technical marvel by any standards, and the rather droll personality which comes through in his AI suits the series well.

Manami Ozaki as Joy Fullbun eps Registering is freeeasyand private. Character designs are consistently distinct, aesthetically pleasing, and usually well-rendered, though Amy and some other girls have this odd, perpetually rosy-cheeked sheen going on, and background and ship designs are usually sharp and loaded with detail, down even to realistic-looking rust patterns.


Emanuela Ionica as Miriana. Thomas Sagols as Midnight. Alex Moore as Flare. Doug Burks as Belo Gali Nadi.