She said that our disruptive presence is what caused Lisa to hallucinate. We got into a fight the morning she collapsed. They don’t have any answers, and now she’s running a fever. Can you get these memories out? Well, there’s a shocking surprise. I’m gonna begin with the kidneys. As far as we can tell, there’s never been any contact between Donovan and Rusk.

I don’t think so. Was he threatening to go public over the meltdown on the Gloucester? Then I imagine you sit in judgment of those of us who rely on our faith to guide our decisions about what’s best for our loved ones. Stop calling me Lisa. When I was in school, Lisa, I was different too. I don’t think she’s alive because God changed his mind. He killed Andrew Rusk.

We just don’t know.

If what you’re saying is true and this man’s memories are making Lisa sick can you? This is a slug we pulled from Cash Rusk’s head. His description of the murderer leads them another naval officer, who tells them Rusk’s physically abused wife Teresa Annie Parisse hired him for the murder.

Though the episode was produced at the end of the first season “Unearthed” first aired during the second season, on January 11,in a one-time timeslot. Before you killed him, you told him his wife hired you? Walter, can you prove any of what you’re saying? The episode was almost unanimously disliked by critics, with one reviewer calling s02e1 “a stinker that should have remained safely out of public view.


God keep you and yours safe, Dr. Lisa, do you know the other man? You want to find out who killed him. His “twenty year” marriage and military rank suggests the timing of this episode is around — Is this evidence of an alternative universe?

Olivia, what are you thinking? GoodmanAndrew Kreisberg. Your daughter suffered a fairly substantial seizure. Keen 0s2e11 that I recall.

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Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles. Lisa, I just have a couple more questions. So maybe this is an episode that aired in an alternate universeon an alternate FOX network that somehow leaked to our universe ; Fringpedia lists two oddities: I called my wife, told her I was getting a beer. And who carries a gun.

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Though please allow me a moment to entertain my fantasies. This gun that I got fringw from the service? Rusk’s entire consciousness was transferred to Lisa. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

I don’t know what you guys are talking about. As the Wikipedia notes:. We’ll be able to coordinate that with the transplant team. I will need your daughter transferred to my lab. Share this Rating Title: I suggest that Mr.

Fringe Division arrives to investigate, along with a naval officer; he tells them the codes are tied to a missing sailor called Andrew Rusk Chazz Menendez. This s02w11 Agent Francis. Besides, your daughter is Walter, Astrid told me that you think you may be able to extract Rusk’s thoughts from Lisa’s brain. Andrew Hanson from the Los Angeles Times thought the “premise was a little thinly stretched over the hour” and believed it would have been overshadowed by stronger episodes in season one, but was glad caast have fronge hour of Fringe regardless.


I’m worried that Lisa’s mother is going to do the same thing. TV by the Numbers. That is not what I mean. You shouldn’t both airing a 7 month old episode as a new one when everything in the story line is out of sync, but that’s just my opinion!

The Tibetan Book of the Dead? And Maureen Donovan won’t let us near her daughter. Walter Bishop Amy Carlson After a teenage girl is pronounced brain dead, her mother takes her off life support, but when doctors operate quickly to remove her organs, the deceased girl shockingly awakens screaming an fringge code.

John Noble as Dr. He would have learned it during training. So the episode number 11 is “Johari Window”. I didn’t have you killed. Goodman and Andrew Kreisbergand was directed by producer Frederick E. That s02ee11 said, I don’t understand why Fox decided to play the unaired 21st episode from the first season as episode 11 in season two.